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The Work and the Glory' Sequels Underway

The Work and the Glory' Sequels Underway
May. 16, 2005

Carole Mikita Reporting

Filming is underway in Tennessee for movies two and three of 'The Work
& the Glory', the films, based on a best-selling book series by Gerald
Lund, the movies now funded by Larry Miller. Carole Mikita recently
visited the set, which has undergone a change from upstate New York to

The spring of 2004, 46 acres in rural Tennessee became upstate New
York, 1820 for the film 'The Work & The Glory.'

That same set is now Kirtland, Ohio. The saloon, the Whitney General
Store, Leather Goods, and the homes. Just up the road is a recreation
of Independence, Missouri. Most of the same cast members have
returned, saying they feel like a real family.

Sam Hennings, Ben Steed, 'The Work & The Glory'; "We hang out in Los
Angeles and talk to each other about what's goin' on in our lives and
then come back here and voila, start all over again..."

On this day, they are gathered for a read-through of the script for film th=

Sam Hennings: "It's quite interesting to see the pages coming in for
the continuation of script three and so forth. It's like shining a
light into a dark room."

Alexander Carroll, Nathan Steed, "The Work & The Glory": "That was one
of my favorite things that I heard Gerald Lund say when we were doing
the first film, you know, 'whether you're a Mormon or you're not, this
is a huge part of American history that is overlooked by a majority of
Americans.' People don't know, it's exciting to tell that story."

The actors marvel at the hardships of life for people who lived in the
19th century.

Sam Hennings; "I get an opportunity to play these characters as an
actor, because if it were for real, for me, I would have said, 'Let's
go back to Boston a long time ago. I'd said, 'no thank you, too

Weather has been a factor, cast and crew are bundled against the
elements. And here they work through the night, filming a key scene
that is both difficult and dangerous. It's movie-making that is not

'The Work & the Glory' part 2 is scheduled to premiere here in Utah
Thanksgiving weekend, 2005.

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