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FAIR wiki

FAIR has created a wiki to address issues on various topics.  FAIR is an apologetic group dedicated to defending Mormonism and answering tough questions.  While I haven't persued FAIR deeply, my impression is that it is not encumbered with the sophistry and personal attacks that seem to plague FARMS.

Here is the current table of contents to their wiki:


The Holy Bible
    Holy Bible

    * Bible basics 
    * "Adding to" or "taking away" from the Bible
    * Bible and archeology
    * Completeness and sufficiency
    * Flood, global or local
    * Genealogy, condemnation of
    * Historicity
    * Inerrancy and the Bible 
    * Hebrews 7 and the Aaronic Priesthood
    * Open canon vs. closed canon
    * Translations 

Joseph Smith Translation

    * And the Book of Mormon
    * As a restoration of the original Bible text
    * As the Church's official Bible

The Book of Mormon

    * Book of Mormon basics

    Book of Mormon "Anachronisms"

    * Anachronisms (general page)
    * "Adieu"
    * Animals
    * Cement
    * Coins
    * Compass
    * Gadianton Robbers as Masons?
    * Geography
    * Holy Ghost
    * Jerusalem as site of Jesus' birth
    * Legal codes and concepts
    * Metals
    * Metal Plates
    * Names
    * Olive culture
    * Plants
    * Red Sea vs Reed Sea
    * Reformed Egyptian
    * Satyrs
    * Serpents and drought
    * Shiz struggles to breathe
    * Sweat and skin pores
    * Snow
    * Temple in the New World
    * Three days of darkness 
    * Translation errors from the KJV
    * Warfare
    * Windows

    Book of Mormon authorship theories

    * Authorship theories (general introduction)
    * Automatic writing
    * Epilepsy
    * The Golden Pot
    * Joseph Smith as "author and proprietor"
    * Joseph Smith, Sr.'s dream and Lehi's vision
    * Mysticism 
    * Plagiarized from the Bible
    * The Spaulding manuscript
    * View of the Hebrews
    * Wordprint studies

Evidences of authenticity

    * Plain and Precious Book of Mormon doctrines

Other Book of Mormon topics

    * "Adding to" or "taking away from" the Bible
    * Anthon transcript
    * Archaeology
          o The Hill Cumorah
          o Smithsonian statement on Book of Mormon archaeology 
    * Chiasmus
    * Chronology
    * Comoros Islands and Moroni
    * Demographics
    * DNA evidence
    * The fulness of the gospel
    * Hebraisms
    * Hebrew and Native American languages
    * Historicity
    * Joseph Smith Translation and the Book of Mormon
    * Kingship and Coronation
    * Moroni as an angel of Satan
    * Moroni's promise
    * Moroni or Nephi?
    * The "most correct of any book"
    * Nephi's killing of Laban
    * Polygamy, condemnation of
    * Sami Hanna on the Book of Mormon
    * Stick of Ephraim
    * Textual changes
    * Translation chronology
    * Translation method
    * Witnesses
    * Zelph

Doctrine and Covenants

    * Independence temple to be built "in this generation"
    * Official Declaration—1 the result of political pressure 
    * Revelation after Joseph Smith
    * Textual changes 

Lectures on Faith

    * God the Father is a spirit
    * Lectures on Faith removed from Doctrine and Covenants

The Pearl of Great Price

    * Textual changes 

The Book of Abraham

    * Book of Abraham papyri (summary)
          o Book of Abraham papyri (full-length version)
    * Book of Joseph
    * Kirtland Egyptian Papers

Evidences of authenticity

Joseph Smith—History

    * First Vision accounts
          o Religious revivals in 1820 
    * Joseph Smith and money digging
    * Did Nephi or Moroni appear in 1823?

Articles of Faith

    * Differing versions of the Articles of Faith

LDS Church history

Joseph Smith, Jr.

    * First Vision accounts
          o Religious revivals in 1820 
    * Did Nephi or Moroni appear in 1823?
    * Holy Ghost, Joseph Smith is the
    * Kinderhook Plates
    * King of the world, anointed
    * Legal trials
          o 1826 glasslooking trial 
    * Martyr status
    * Money digging/treasure seeking
    * Moonmen
    * Occult activities
    * Personages who appeared to Joseph Smith
    * Personal failings
    * Plural marriage
          o Polyandry
          o Polygamous marriages to young women 
    * Political activities
    * Prophecies
          o Independence temple to be built "in this generation"
          o Prophetic fallibility
          o Prophetic test in Deuteronomy
          o Second Coming in 1890 (56 years)
    * Revelation after Joseph Smith
    * Seer stones, use of
    * Status in LDS belief

Plural marriage
    Plural marriage wiki links

    * Book of Mormon condemns polygamy
    * Brigham Young
    * Emma Smith
    * Joseph Smith
          o Polyandry
          o Polygamy
          o Polygamous marriages to young women 
    * The Law of Adoption
    * The Manifesto
          o The Manifesto the result of political pressure
          o Post-Manifesto plural marriages 
    * The modern Church and polygamous groups
    * Required for exaltation 

Restoration of the Church and priesthood

    * Elias and Elijah at the Kirtland Temple
    * Jesus is the only Melchizedek priesthood holder
    * Location of the organization of the Church
    * Priesthood restoration
          o Date of the restoration of the Melchizedek priesthood
    * Women and the priesthood

Evidences of authenticity

Temple worship

    * Adam-God and the "Lecture at the Veil"
    * Baptism for the dead
    * Do LDS temples always face east?
    * Oath of vengeance
    * Symbols on the Nauvoo Temple
    * Temple endowment and Freemasonry
    * Temple endowment changes
    * Temple work for Holocaust victims

Evidences of authenticity

Other Church history

    * Authoritarianism and Church leaders
    * Authorship of History of the Church
    * B.H. Roberts' testimony of the Book of Mormon
    * Blacks and the priesthood
    * Blood atonement
    * Censorship and revision of LDS history
    * Church involvement in politics
    * Danites
    * Emma Smith and Brigham Young
    * Excommunication of scholars
    * Forgeries
    * James Strang
    * Hugh Nibley
          o Charges of abuse 
    * Hyrum Smith
    * Journal of Discourses
    * Kirtland Safety Society
    * Mark Hofmann
          o Church reaction to Hofmann forgeries
    * Mountain Meadows Massacre
    * Nauvoo Expositor
    * Predestination 
    * Racist statements by Church leaders
    * Succession in the Presidency of the Church
          o Seniority in the Quorum of the Twelve
    * Women and the priesthood

Doctrinal questions and controversies


    * Corporeality of God
    * Godhead and the Trinity
    * God is a Spirit
    * No man has seen God

Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    * Alpha and Omega
    * Brother of Satan
    * Conception
    * Elohim and Jehovah
    * Jesus is the only Melchizedek priesthood holder
    * Latter-day Saints worship a different Jesus
    * Savior of other worlds
    * Was Jesus Christ married?
    * Was Jesus crucified on a cross?

The Holy Ghost
    Holy Ghost

    * Burning in the bosom
    * Identity
    * Joseph Smith is the Holy Ghost


    * Adam-God
          o The "Lecture at the Veil"
    * Evolution
          o Death before the Fall
          o Dinosaurs
          o Pre-Adamites
    * Original sin
    * Procreation before the Fall

Grace and works

    * Does the Church neglect the doctrine of grace?
    * Relationship between works and grace
    * Salvation by faith alone


    * Attitude to non-members
    * Marriage
          o Birth control
          o Childbearing
    * Wayward family members

Other questions and controversies

    * 17 Points of the True Church
    * Apologetics
    * Apostasy
    * Creatio ex nihilo 
    * Cognitive dissonance
    * LDS Church is a cult
    * Deification of man / theosis 
          o Downplaying the King Follett discourse
    * Excommunication and Church discipline
    * Feelings and emotions as the basis of a testimony
    * Foreknowledge of God
    * Free will and science
    * Government during the Millennium
    * Grace
    * General authorities' statements as scripture
    * Hypocrisy in Church Practices 
    * Latter-day Saints aren't Christians
    * Paid clergy
    * Premortal existence
    * Progression between kingdoms of glory
    * Prophets don't prophesy
    * Sabbath changed to Sunday
    * Word of Wisdom 

Mormon culture and attitudes
    Mormon Culture and Attitudes

    * Attitude to non-members
    * Childbearing
    * Marriage, duties in
    * Mothers, duties toward
    * Mormons as neighbors
    * Wives, duties toward
    * Salvation of non-members
    * Wayward family members, attitude toward

Statistical claims

    * Antidepressant use among Mormons 
    * Bankruptcy rate in Utah
    * Suicide rate among Mormons 

Other subjects

    * Dan Brown's next book and Mormonism
    * Lies and self-contradiction
    * Logical fallacies
    * Quote mining, selective quotation, and distortion
    * Rumors, hoaxes, and urban legends

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