Tuesday, September 26, 2006

2005 Mormon History Awards

MHA Awards list
Leonard J. Arrington Award: Donald L. Enders

MHA Best Book Award: Kathleen Flake for The Politics of American
Religious Identity, the Seating of Senator Reed Smoot

Smith-Petit Best First Book Award: Val D. Rust for Early Mormon
Converts and their Colonial Ancestors

Turner-Bergera Best Biography Award: Dan Vogel for Joseph Smith, the
Making of a Prophet

Christensen Best Documentary Award: John Silito, editor of History's
Apprentice, The Diaries of B. H. Roberts

Thomas Rice King Family or Community History Award: Stephen L. Prince
for Gathering in Harmony, a Saga of Southern Utah Families, Their
Roots and Pioneering Heritage, and the tale of Antone Prince, Sheriff
of Washington County.

T. Edgar Lyon Best Article of Year Award: Ronald W. Walker for
"Grant's Watershed: Succession in the Presidency, 1887-1889"

J. Talmage Jones Awards of Excellence: Mary (Polly) Aird for "'You
Nasty Apostates, Clear Out': Reasons for Disaffection in the Late


Roger D. Launius for "Mormon Origins: The Church in New York and
Ohio," an essay in Excavating Mormon Pasts: The New Historiography of
the Last Half Century.

Juanita Brooks Best Graduate Paper: Jacob W. Olmstead for "The Mormon
Hierarchy and the MX"

Juanita Brooks Best Undergraduate Paper: Stephen C. Biggs for "Mormon
Missionaries in Napoleon III's France: The French Mission, 1850-1864"

Certificate of Merit: Kelsey Draper for "United States Press Reactions
to the 1978 Revelation on the Priesthood," 2005 Religious Education
Student Symposium at BYU

Thomas L. Kane Award: Howard Lamar

"For leading the way in providing context through with members of the
LDS Church and others might understand the development of the
Latter-day Saint experience, by choosing to view the story of the
Latter-day Saints and the Utah portion of it, not as an asterisk in
American history, but rather as history with a very regional and
national flavor."

Special Citation: James E. Crook

For his work in creating the index of the Journal of Mormon History.

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