Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Journal of Mormon History, V31, no 1

Journal of Mormon History
Spring 2004 (Vol. 31, No. 1)
Paperback. 284 Pages / 0094-7342 / $15.00.

The current issue contains:

  • "The Kinderhook Plates, The Tucson Artifacts, and the Mormon Archeological Zeal" (J. Michale Hunter);
  • "Desert Imagery and Sacred Symbolism: The Design of the Arizona Temple" (Paul L. Anderson);
  • "Eliza R. Snow and the Prophet's Gold Watch: Time Keeper as Relic" (Jennifer Reeder);
  • "A turbulent Coexistence: Duane Hunt, David O. McKay, and a Quarter-Century of Catholic-Mormon Relations" (Gregory A. Prince and Gary Topping);
  • "Creating the Sacred Space of Zion" (Martha Sonntag Bradley).

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