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Bush is most popular in Utah

Article Last Updated: 10/19/2005 08:08 AM
Bush is most popular in Utah

Poll: More than 60 percent of the Beehive state approves of the
president, but most other Americans do not

By Matt Canham
The Salt Lake Tribune
Salt Lake Tribune

Americans at large are not pleased with their president. But Utahns
still love him more than any other state.
The Iraq war, the unstable economy, the much-criticized federal
response to Hurricane Katrina and the ongoing probe into White House
leaks that may have unmasked a CIA agent all have contributed to
President Bush's image problems.
Only 38 percent of Americans give Bush the thumbs up, the lowest
approval ratings of his presidency, according to a SurveyUSA report
released Tuesday
Utah is the only state to provide Bush with an approval rating
above 60 percent. While 18 states give Bush a disapproval rating of at
least 60 percent.
"The people of Utah have a long-term vision of what this president
stands for," said Ron Fox, who was the vice chairman of Bush's 2004
campaign effort in Utah. "The people of Utah understand the
president's agenda and his focus, the necessity of a war on terror."
But Democratic state Rep. Pat Jones, of Holladay, said a lengthy
examination of Bush's agenda should result in negative opinion polls.
"In looking at the long-term, I can say that most people's lives
are not better today than they were before his administration."
She attributed Utah's high marks for Bush to the state's heavy
Republican tilt and the relatively low number of minority residents.
"But to be very honest, I'm stunned," she said. "I can't explain,
after all of the things that have gone on in the White House, some of
the policies of the current administration. I'm stunned to see him
receive this kind of support.
"The people of Utah may not understand the harmful effects that
deficit spending will have on our future and our children."
During the past five months, Utah's approval rating for the
president hit its low in mid-August when it dipped down to 57 percent.
A little more than a week later, Bush briefly visited Utah for only
the second time as president.
He spoke at a Veterans of Foreign Wars convention to rally support
for the Iraq war after anti-war protesters camped outside his Texas
ranch, where he had been vacationing.
The next poll showed his Utah approval rating back up to 63 percent.
The SurveyUSA poll questioned 600 adults in each state. Conducted
Friday through Sunday, it has a margin of error in Utah of plus or
minus 4 percent.

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