Tuesday, September 26, 2006

LDS film


- * God's Army 2 States of Grace: Tagline: Beyond Faith, Beyond
Reason, Beyond Experience. Sequel to "God's Army" written and directed
by Richard Dutcher; produced by Jeff Chamberlain and Stin Hansen; shot
in Los Angeles; cinematography by Ken Glassing ("God's Army");
starring a newcomer in the central part as a Hispanic missionary
called to Los Angeles; starring Rachel Emmers ("Sons of Provo", "Out
of Step"); Adam Conger, Allison Evans, Lucas Fleischer, Brett
Granstaff, Jo-sei Ikeda, Rege Lewis, Allen Maldonado, Michael May,
Ignacio Serricchio, Lamont Stephens. Funded largely by Utah Jazz owner
Larry H. Miller; budget considerably under $1 million; story: a
missionary's checkered past catches up with him as he and his
companion are drawn into a Santa Monica gang war; religious groups
other than Latter-day Saints factor prominently into the storyline,
and are positively portrayed; Hits the street Fall 2005. Trailer
premiered July 22, 2005 at Zion Films.
- * This Divided State: Minority Films; A raw and riveting examination
of the heated "red versus blue" rift in the nation, This Divided State
begins in September 2004 with the presidential election fast
approaching and the State of Utah ready to declare itself "Bush
Country" once again. However, this complacent state of Republican
majority was rocked when Utah Valley State College announced that
liberal filmmaker Michael Moore would speak on their campus two weeks
before the election. Within 24 hours of the announcement, a media
frenzy descended upon the school as angry community members and
religious leaders shouted protests, pointed fingers, and quoted Mormon
scripture. Some even claimed Moore's arrival would bring the
Apocalypse! Directed by Steven Greenstreet; Assistant Directors Elias
Pate and Bryan Young; Production Manager Michelle Pate. Filmmakers
edited 76 hours of raw footage down to 88 minutes. Limited theatrical
release starting at the Tower Theatre in SLC, July
- 22, 2005, then spreading across the country. Check website for
complete list of theaters. The DVD will be out nationwide September
27, 2005.
- * The Work and the Glory: American Zion: Sequel to "The Work and the
Glory;" American Zion unearths the gripping tale of the passion, in
the face of cruel intolerance, which eventually spurred the
colonization of the West. Very few people know of the injustices
inflicted by the government against a group of its own citizens who
wanted only to exercise their First Amendment rights. Directed by
Sterling VanWagenen, co-founder of the Sundance Institute and the
Sundance Film Festival, the cast includes Sam Hennings (The Aviator),
Brenda Strong (Desperate Housewives), Eric Johnson (Legends of the
Fall,Smallville), and Jonathan Scarfe (Steven Spielbergs Into the
West). Filmmakers include Academy Award-nominated producer Scott
Swofford (Mysteries of Egypt); Director of Photography Reed Smoot,
winner of the Kodak Vision Award; and entrepreneur and Executive
Producer Larry Miller, owner of the Utah Jazz NBA basketball team.
Filmed entirely on location in Tennessee. Based on the
- second book in the series, "Like a Fire is Burning," by Gerald N.
Lund. Vineyard Productions, along with Vineyard Distribution will
release the film nationwide October 21, 2005.
- * The Work and the Glory 3: Filmed consecutively with "The Work and
the Glory: American Zion"; based on the third book, "The Truth Will
Prevail;" focuses on the years 1836-1838. Release date 2006

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