Monday, September 25, 2006

Twelve books on Joseph Smith

Obviously missing from the list is Richard Bushman's forthcoming
biography on Joseph Smith. Bushman is a celebrated historian from
Columbia, former Stake President and currently working with the JFS
institute of church history at BYU. Perhaps understandbly missing
from this Deseret News list is Signature Book's 3 volume work by three
noted historians (including Richard Van Wagner and Scott Kenny [Some
of Kenny's research can be seen on his website at ) on the life of Joseph Smith.
These four volumes will be take seriously by the historical community.

Books on Joseph Smith
By Carma Wadley
Deseret Morning News

Twelve books on Joseph Smith (recent, new and in the works)

"Joseph Smith: the Man, the Mission, the Message," by Matthew B.
Brown; photos by Val W. Brinkerhoff, Covenant, 106 pages, $29.95. A
lavishly illustrated text focusing on Joseph Smith's life, times,
successes, failures, tragedies and triumphs.

"Remembering Joseph," by Mark McConkie, Deseret Book, 529 pages,
$37.95. Accounts drawn from journals, diaries and letters of people
who knew Joseph Smith personally.

"The History of Joseph Smith by His Mother," collector's
edition, by Lucy Mack Smith, Covenant, 292 pages, $34.95. An elegant,
illustrated version of this classic biography written in 1845. A new
paperback edition ($14.95) is also available.

"Emma and Joseph: Their Divine Mission," by Gracia N. Jones,
Covenant, 364 pages, $19.95. Written by a great-great-granddaughter of
Joseph and Emma, not raised as a Mormon, who later joined the LDS
Church and began researching the personal side of her ancestors. The
text includes previously unpublished letters belonging to the family.

"Stories from the Life of Joseph Smith," by Richard E. Turley
and Lael Littke, Deseret Book, 184 pages, $15.95. A chapter book for
young readers that recounts many of the best-loved stories of the

"Joseph Smith: Praise to the Man," photography by John Telford,
text by Susan Easton Black, Millennium Press, 112 pages, $24.95. A
visual presentation featuring photos of Vermont, Kirtland, Nauvoo and
other church history sites.

"Life of Joseph Smith the Prophet," by George Q. Cannon,
Stratford Books, 615 pages, $27.95. A new edition of the 1880s
biography based on "interviews with personal friends."

"Joseph Smith's America: A Celebration of His Life and Times,"
William Slaughter and Chad Orton, Deseret Book, 176 pages, $32.95. A
richly visual edition that sets Joseph Smith's life and work into the
context of "the work in progress" that was the America of his day.
It's due out in October.

"A Faithful Life: The Story of Joseph Smith in Pictures," Glen
Hopkinson, Deseret Book. A visual biography by an artist known for his
religious and Western art. It's due out in October.

"Reflections on Joseph Smith: Leading Church Scholars Share
Insights About the Prophet," by Susan Easton Black and Andrew C.
Skinner, Deseret Book. A book, due out in September, and DVD
documentary series that will appear on BYU-TV this fall.

"My Tiny Book of Joseph Smith," Marion Passey and Jerry Harston,
Deseret Book, $5.95. A young child's board book.

"Hyrum Smith: A Life of Integrity," by Jeffrey S. O'Driscoll,
Deseret Book, 444 pages, $29.95. While the main focus is Joseph's
brother, Hyrum (the 205th anniversary of his birth is observed this
year), much involves Joseph's life as well.

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