Monday, September 25, 2006

This List

I hadn't really defined a formal purpose for this list. However it's
main purpose is to provide information about LDS-related issues.
Some discussion has occurred from time to time but it has usually been
relatively low volume and often thought provoking (sometimes not, and
occasionally spiteful). I've told some when they've joined that the
list was a low volume list.

I believe we have a full range of individuals, from Bishops to
atheists. One requirement I have is that discussion be civil and
respectful. Church related issues are by their nature controversial.
I've invited people to this list who have struck me as intelligent and
mature. I'd ask that we don't call people to repentance, or suggest
that they should repent, make fun of orthodox believers or liberals
and use good language. I'd also request that discussion of those
aspects of the temple that people have sworn to keep secret not be
detailed here.

If anyone has opinions on either expanding discussion, or limiting it,
or perhaps providing some method to separate informative posts from
discussion (or any other feedback) let me know. If I can think of a
simple way to allow people to opt out of discussion, I'll let you

- CB

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