Monday, September 25, 2006

Reformed Mormonism

Reform Mormonism is a new approach to faith and life. It is built upon
modern, progressive tenets and ideals. Its foundation is modern
Restorationism. It appeals to those who find most current- day
religions restrictive, too conservative, too irrational, or too
resistant to change. As such, it is an approach to faith that
constantly requires its adherents to explore, progress, and develop
themselves by incorporating and learning from modern science,
philosophy, society, and the best of other religions.
Reform Mormonism is different from other types of Mormonism. You may
be familiar with LDS Mormonism (the "Utah" church), the Community of
Christ (formerly the RLDS church), or Mormon Fundamentalists (the FLDS
church in Arizona.) We are not associated with any of these
organizations, and we are not attempting to change any of them. We are
presenting to the world a type of Mormon philosophy we believe is
positive, rational, supportive, and more progressive than most
religious views today. As a result, we are more liberal, inclusive,
and tolerant than any of these organizations.

Reform Mormons believe in:
=E2=80=A2 a rational God who expects his/her children (us) to progress
=E2=80=A2 morality and accountability
=E2=80=A2 the importance of knowledge, rational thought, intelligence, and =
=E2=80=A2 freedom from judgement and condemnation
=E2=80=A2 eternity (an existence other than this one)
=E2=80=A2 evolution and man's ultimate destiny as an evolved being=20
Because there are so many LDS (Utah) Mormons in the world today (12
million) we need to distinguish ourselves from LDS Mormonism. Reform
Mormons are different from LDS Mormons in that they:
=E2=80=A2 are more liberal, less literal
=E2=80=A2 view authority as individual and universal, not corporate
=E2=80=A2 do not view God as someone who requires obedience
=E2=80=A2 view all scripture and sacred writing as art and therefore do not
take it literally
=E2=80=A2 view women as equals
=E2=80=A2 view gays as equals
=E2=80=A2 openly acknowledge the error of, and apologize for, historical
racial doctrines and practices
=E2=80=A2 praise and applaud their scientists, historians, and intellectual=
rather than excommunicate them
=E2=80=A2 welcome scientific advancement (we fully embrace evolution and ot=
theories which have advanced human understanding of our existence)
=E2=80=A2 feel that churches should exist to support individuals, not domin=
them, and that church involvement in politics is misguided

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