Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Passing the Sacrament

Heber J. Grant, Letter to Henry H. Rolapp (Stake President) 28 June
1928 - HJG Letterbook, LDS Archives.

"No rule in the Church that only priesthood bearers could carry the
sacrament to the congregation after it was blessed. While it was custom
for priesthood men or boys to pass around the bread and water it would
in no wise invalidate the ordinance if some worthy young brethren
lacking priesthood perform it in the absence of ordained boys and he had
no objection if it were done."

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J said...

This quote is not correct.

*Portions* of this paragraph come from HJG, but the paragraph as a whole was pulled from William G Hartley's paper "From Men to Boys," which also included Hartley's own words. Moreover, this copy and paste job - which doesn't credit Hartley at all - does not indicate which words were HJG's and which were Hartley's.

Just look up Hartley's paper.