Monday, September 25, 2006

A deceptive God?

Meridian Magazine has an article about how wood can be petrified
quickly under some conditions. They go on with an ID (Intelligent
Design) argument, including the following argument that implies that
God may need to purposefully decive us to make it fair for Satan.

What if at the end of our own lives, Satan were truthfully able to argue
that we had been so favored that he didn't have a fair chance? What if he
could say that we had so many compelling proofs of the gospel truthfulness
that he couldn't tempt us successfully. He could claim that he must be
allowed to exercise power to make the test equal to our preparation during
the premortal life. He could claim that the earth test for us had been a
sham and that a mistrial should be declared. What would happen if after all
of the Divine effort to create the earth, synchronize the solar system, and
place God's children to dwell herein, that after all of this, our crucial
test was judged as being too easy and that the essential experience of
discerning good and evil for ourselves had been short-circuited?

This is why, in our opinion, many of the answers of how the Lord created the
earth will be saved for that great day when the Lord promises to tell
"things which have passed, and hidden things which no man knew, things of
the earth, by which it was made and the purpose and the end thereof."[7]
Being among those who have struggled with the persuasive arguments of the
many opinions on these issues, we hope to be on the front row when the Lord
begins this along awaited presentation.

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