Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nauvoo Pageant

 Council learns of new LDS summer pageant

By Shannon Campbell/MVM News Network

NAUVOO, Ill. - For nearly 30 years, Nauvoo has been the setting for an outdoor summer pageant by the Church of Latter-day Saints. The "City of Joseph" pageant closed its run last summer. Elder Jack Renouf informed the Nauvoo City Council Jan. 11 that a new pageant commemorating the 200th birthday of Joseph Smith will be held July 8 through Aug. 5.

Renouf said the new production dates are longer than the previous "City of Joseph" production and will likely bring in a large crowd as did the previous one.

"We have already received inquiring phone calls," Renouf said. "We hope the longer production dates will help spread out the crowds."

Renouf advised the council that the production crew would consist of 25 core personnel and a group of 150 cast members.

"Each week one cast group will be training while the other is performing. It will bring around 325-350 production personnel into town each week," Renouf said.

Renouf said he had reserved making any announcements about the pageant until he could tell the city council first. A Power Point presentation of the pageant is planned for the aldermen at the Feb. 8 meeting.

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