Thursday, October 12, 2006

American Mormon in Europe

September 26-----American Mormon in Europe
* American Mormon in Europe: Daryn Tufts and Jed Knudsen flew to Rome, Italy, on October 17, 2005, to film a sequel to American Mormon. This time they found out what people in different countries know and think about the Mormons, and they also talked to LDS people to find out what it's like being a Mormon in Europe. The DVD will arrive September 26, 2006, through Excel Entertaimment and Deseret Book. This documentary was filmed throughout Western Europe, including Rome, Paris, London, and Berlin. The documentary also includes hilarious and touching looks into the experiences of being LDS outside of the United States. LDS interviews include the first LDS Patriarch in Rome, Italy, and an LDS family that lived in East Berlin before and during the historic fall of the Berlin Wall. "American Mormon in Europe" is longer and more in-depth than the original because it explores the humorous and spiritual experiences of Latter-day Saints, and takes some time to visit sites of LDS history in Europe, including the oldest LDS chapel on Earth.

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