Tuesday, October 10, 2006

history channel: mountain meadows


The History Channel

February 8, 9-10pm

Investigating History
Mountain Massacre.

In 1857, the Fancher Wagon Train camped in the Utah Territory and awoke to an attack by what they believed to be Paiute Indians. The pioneers defended their position for five days, until approached by Major John D. Lee and his local Mormon militia, who promised protection if they surrendered their arms. Suddenly, a ghastly slaughter occurred. 17 children were spared. They buried the dead at the Mountain Meadows site and an elaborate cover-up ensued. Some 20 years later, Lee was executed on the site for the crime--the only one punished. Then, in 1999, a backhoe operator unearthed a mass grave, and forensic anthropologist Shannon Novak made astonishing discoveries--until the governor (one of the murderers' descendant) ordered the bones reburied. But it was too late, the ghosts had spoken and a new story emerged, implicating religious authorities in the mass murder.



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