Friday, December 21, 2012

The Cross in Mormon History

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Amelia Folsom Young (Briaham Young's
 polygamous wife). Photograph from Utah
State Historical Society Classified Photo
, no. 14195

Excerpts of  Reed, "Banishing the Cross: The Emergence of a Mormon Taboo" (reviewed by Boyd J. Petersen) 

... As Robert Rees has argued, one of the "very large stumbling blocks" keeping other Christians from accepting Mormons as Christian is our rejection of the central symbol of Christianity: the cross. [1] The symbol is not found on Mormon places of worship, on LDS hymnals or scripture, or on jewelry worn by members of the Church. In fact it is often viewed with suspicion, as a sign of apostasy.

... [F]or the average Mormon, LDS antipathy to the cross may seem doctrinal, perhaps foundational, dating back to teachings from Joseph Smith. However, as Michael Reed aptly demonstrates ... this history is much more recent and quite complex. ...

Friday, December 14, 2012

Mormon Women "Pants Day" at church

Excerpts of Mormon 'Pants Day' — debate heats up as women prepare to dress down by Peggy Fletcher Stack, Salt Lake Tribune 
Modern Mormon women who see the skirts-only convention at LDS chapels to be evidence of outdated and discouraging stereotypes ...  proposed the "Wear Pants to Church Day " and posted an announcement on Facebook. The event is intended as the first act of All Enlist, a group dedicated to gender equality in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"We do not seek to eradicate the differences between women and men, but we do want the LDS Church to acknowledge the similarities," the group's mission statement says. "We believe that much of the cultural, structural, and even doctrinal inequality that persists in the LDS Church today stems from the church's reliance on — and enforcement of — rigid gender roles that bear no relationship to reality ."

Within hours, the page had hundreds of commitments to participate, and even more hostile comments.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Mormon Church launches website on homosexuality

Excerpts of New Mormon church website touts softer tone on gays by Peggy Fletcher Stack, Salt Lake Tribune
The LDS Church is not changing its tune about homosexuality, but it has launched a new website to alter the tone.

The site —called "Love One Another: A Discussion on Same Sex Attraction" — includes video clips of Mormon leaders as well as gay members and their families promoting compassion and understanding toward homosexuals. It also urges gay Mormons to stick with the faith.