Wednesday, October 25, 2006

LDS Film

- * Tears of a King: A new Elvis movie began shooting September 1,
2006, in Orem, Utah, directed by Rob Diamond who also wrote the
screenplay. The movie is set for release next year to coincide with
the 30th anniversary of Presley's death on August 16, 1977. "Tears" is
being produced by 7 Films 7 of Salt Lake City in association with
Matthew Reese Films of Orem. The producers are Diamond, Joshua
Pearson, and Kels Goodman. Reese is the executive producer.
Co-Producers are Rhet Marsing and Bob Conder. The background story
goes like this: A "Book of Mormon" studied by Elvis before he died was
given to the LDS Church by members of the Osmond family, who received
it from a woman named Cricket Butler, a friend of Elvis', who gave the
"Book of Mormon" to him in the months preceding his death. The book
was subsequently returned to Butler by Elvis' father, Vernon, two days
after Elvis' death. Much of his life and career are retold in
flashback sequences. Elvis will be portrated by Matt Lewis. Robert
Starling is associate producer. Tara Starling is the makeup artist.

- * Another Singles Ward: The follow-up to 2002's "The Singles Ward"
had an open casting call for video auditions in October 2006. The
plans are for "Another Singles Ward" to have a new cast of characters
whose lives intertwine with one another in humorous, touching, and
unexpected ways. John Lyde will direct as well as produce along with
Jed Ivie and Scott Champion. The screenplay is by Champion. Dave
Hunter and Kurt Hale will executive produce

- * Money or Mission: A new movie from John Lyde is based on an
article from the Ensign Magazine with the same name. As Patrick Gill
prepares to serve a mission, he is offered his dream job--a manager at
the local skateboarding shop. Now Patrick is faced with the hard
decision of taking the job or serving a mission. Written and Directed
by John Lyde (Take a Chance); starring Nick Whitaker (Joseph Smith:
Prophet of the Restoration), Sheryl Lee Wilson (Take a Chance), and
Rick Macy (Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration). Dhylan Meyer
will be playing the role of Max, Patrick's little brother. The 35
minute film will be distributed on DVD August 29, 2006, by HaleStorm
Entertainment. Premier in Utah, August 29, 2006. at the Noni Theater
in Provo at 7 Money or Mission

- * American Mormon in Europe: Daryn Tufts and Jed Knudsen flew to
Rome, Italy, on October 17, 2005, to film a sequel to American Mormon.
This time they found out what people in different countries know and
think about the Mormons, and they also talked to LDS people to find
out what it's like being a Mormon in Europe. This documentary was
filmed throughout Western Europe, including Rome, Paris, London, and
Berlin. The documentary also includes hilarious and touching looks
into the experiences of being LDS outside of the United States. LDS
interviews include the first LDS Patriarch in Rome, Italy, and an LDS
family that lived in East Berlin before and during the historic fall
of the Berlin Wall. "American Mormon in Europe" is longer and more
in-depth than the original because it explores the humorous and
spiritual experiences of Latter-day Saints, and takes some time to
visit sites of LDS history in Europe, including the oldest LDS chapel
on Earth.

- * States of Grace: Richard Dutcher's film "States of Grace" was
scheduled to be shown in Los Angeles the week of June 16th. DVD
release October 10, 2006.

- * Falling: Richard Dutcher's latest drama/suspense feature-film
"Falling" is in post-production as of 12/14/2005. Dutcher stars in it
along with Virginia Reece ("50 First Dates"). He also wrote, directed,
and is the editor. Dutcher describes it as his most personal film to
date. It tells the story of Eric Boyle, who captures a brutal gang
murder on tape. The killers pull Eric into their violent world as they
attack anyone with a connection to the incriminating footage. Film
festival releases are planned for 2006.

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