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Joseph Smith papers info


Here are some points about this important project:


Project Strategic Objectives

n      The JSP will be comparable to the published papers of other great "founding fathers":

n      In comprehensiveness and scope

n      In meeting all professional standards


n      The project will feature:

n      A highly accurate, triple-verified text of all Joseph Smith documents

n      Careful introductions and annotations that make these documents more meaningful


n      The result: printed volumes that meet the needs of both non-LDS scholars and LDS professional readers


n      Be able to use the same source files to create online material for scholarly research

n      Find collections of items meeting specific search criteria

n      Link related items (e.g. all items for a given subject or week)


The volumes will include:

Joseph's diaries and journal accounts


n      Volumes include:

o        Journals I: 1832-39     

o        Journals II: 1839-43    

o        Journals III: 1843-44


Correspondence, revelations, discourses, editorials, notices, etc.


n      Volumes include:

o        Documents 1: 1825-31

o        Documents 2: 1932-33

o        Documents 3: 1834-35

o        Documents 4: 1836-38

o        Documents 5: 1839-40

o        Documents 6: 1841

o        Documents 7: 1842

o        Documents 8: 1842

o        Documents 9: 1843

o        Documents 10: 1843

o        Documents 11: 1844

o        Documents 12: 1844


Republication of original text of Joseph Smith's Manuscript History


n      Volumes include:

n      History 1, Development

n      History 2, 1805-33

n      History 3, 1834-37

n      History 4, 1838 - 4 July 1839

n      History 5, 5 July 1839 -2 May 1842

n      History 6, 3 May 1942-31 Aug 1843

n      History 7, 1 Sep 1843 – 29 Jun 1844


Documents and records from court cases involving Joseph Smith


n      Possible volumes include:

n      New York  - Pennsylvania Cases

n      Ohio Cases

n      Missouri Cases

n      Illinois Cases


 To give you an idea what it will look like – here is a journal entry:



And on the next page is what the results look will look like:


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