Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wilford Woodruff's 1875 reflections

Excerpts of Wilford Woodruff's 1875 reflections,

...Throughout his life he kept an extensive journal, and at the end of some years, summarized his religious views.

Below are Wilford Woodruff's reflections at the end of 1875 (to read his thoughts at other times, see here). 
Thus Ends 1875 the End of the Centaury of the American Independance.
It has been one of the most important Centauries in the History of the world in many respets. It has not ownly esstablished an independant Government and a great Nation in this western world but it has also Esstablished the Church and kingdom of God in the midst of it which has stood for forty five years since its Esstablishment but is now growing Strong in the vallies of the Rocky Mountains the backbone of the American Continent. The Church has had much persecution from the hand of the Gentiles, but the Lord has preserved his people & given them Deliverance so far & has broaken Evry weapon formed against Zion and will Continue to do it untill Evry Nation will be destroyed & wasted away who will not serve Zion in fullfillment of the prophesies of Isaiah & other prophets.
Darkness now Covers the Earth & Gross darkness the people. Sin of Evry kind Now deluges the Earth as the waters Cover the great Deep. Whoredom, theft, drunkenness, Murder and sin of Evry kind rules predominant throughout the Christian world untill infidelity is overwhelming all Nations and the whole Earth is ripening for the sickle and the hour of Gods Judgment is at the door of all Nations. The past is gone, and the future is before us and great Events await us in this generation. The Redemption, & Esstablishment of Zion, the fall of Babylon, the gathering of Israel including the Jews, & 10 Tribes, & the second Coming of Christ all are near at HAND.

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