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Wilford Woodruff's 1868-69 reflections

Excerpts of Wilford Woodruff's 1868-69 reflections,

Significant events occurring during this time frame include:
  • 1869, March 1 -- Zion's Cooperative Mercantile Institution (ZCMI), a cooperative business system, began in Salt Lake City.
  • 1869, May 10 -- Great Pacific Railroad completed by junction of Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads, Promontory Summit, UT.
  • 1869 October 25 -- William S. Godbe, E. L. T. Harrison, and Eli B. Kelsey excommunicated for political and economic dissent and for spiritualism
  • 1869, November 28 -- Young Ladies' Retrenchment Association is organized by Brigham Young, a forerunner of modern Young Women organization.
...The Great National Rail Road From the Atlantic to the Pacific Rail Road has been a great Undertaking and opened a Highway for the ransomed of the Lord to Pass over. Zion has [-] flourished during the Past Year. The Foundation has been laid to Esstablish A Cooperative Society of Mercantile Business and A union of all temporal Business. Presidet Young and the leading men of Israel are gaining great influence in the world & the Men of the world are Coming to visit Zion to Behold the wisdom thereof. The Lord is breaking Evry weapon formed against Zion the Devises of our Enemies are brought to Naught.
... the first Rail Road Built in America, Built By working men without Assistance from Government or large Capitalist. This is Built By the Poor Saints & owned By them without assistance from any one, Except the Lord. This opens a Communication Between Salt Lake City & all the world. We Emigrated about 3,000 Saints during the year.
We have Lost during the past year One of our Number of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles viz Ezra Taft Benson & Albert Carrington was Appointed in his stead.  ...
We also Esstablished the Joint Merchantile Cooperation as a general whole sale Store also ward Stores. We have had Sent unto us By the general Governmet the most wicked set of Judges & all government Officers that have Ever Been sent in Utah Territory. They are doing all they Can to stir up the general Government to make war upon us & to destroy us from off the Earth.
We have had some Aposticy from the Church. L. E. Harrison Wm. S. Godby Henry W Lawrence Eli B. Kelsey & some others have Been Cut off from the Church for Aposticy & they have formed themselves into a New Church the same as other Apostates Have at different times and they have become Spiritualist & pretend to receive Revilations.
Wickedness is increasing throughout this whole Nation & Exhertions are making to try to destroy the kingdom of God. The Nations of the Earth are becoming more & more fearful of the Signs of the times & of the [-] Events which await them.
We have had peace in these vallies since we Came here as pioneers in 1847, with the Exception of the Buchannan war which Cost the Nation $40,000,000 dollars & Cost us 40 miles travel & Back again. We have also had some Indians wars has cost some lives & Considerable property.
The wicked of this Nation are determined if possible to destroy & scatter the Saints during the year 1870. But the Saints are in the Hands of God as they Ever have Been, & God will defend them & fight their Battles if they will ownly be faithful & trust in him.
1870 will be an Eventful year in many respets. In fact Every year is Eventful now in this fast age. God has set his hand to Esstablish Zion & his kingdom & he will accomplish [it] in spite of Earth & Hell, wicked men & devils. He will overthrow the wicked, the scorners, the Hipocritt & unbelievers & save his Saints.
Source: Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, edited by Scott Kenney, Signature Books, available here.
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