Friday, December 03, 2010

NOM Demanding Prop 8 Appeals Judge Recuse Himself

Excertps of Mormon-NOM Demanding Prop 8 Appeals Judge Recuse Himself,  by Eric at

Note also that one of the three judges who will hear the case is a BYU alumni.

The Mormon-controlled National Organization For Marriage is calling for Judge Stephen Reinhardt to recuse himself from the Prop 8 Appeals Trial because his wife works for the ACLU. Despite the fact that his wife has no significant involvment in the case.
Judge Stephen Reinhardt, prop 8, nom, recuse, gay marriage

Judge Stephen Reinhardt

Judge Reinhardt's wife is the executive director of the Southern Chapter of the ACLU, which has not been involved in the Prop 8 case whatsoever. However because the national organization of the ACLU has been involved, and Mrs. Reinhardt made a personal contribution to the "No On 8″ campaign,  . . .

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