Sunday, January 02, 2011

Excerpt: LDS and gay: Believer reconciles faith, love

Excerpt: LDS and gay: Believer reconciles faith, love
Salt Lake Tribune
Steven Fehr prefers cocoa to coffee.
The 39-year-old actor enjoys cast parties but never imbibes a beer or cocktail.
He still frequents the LDS ward where he was blessed with his name as
a baby. There, he recently sang his testimony of Jesus Christ with a
solo performance of the hymn "Guide Me to Thee."
Fehr is intrinsically Mormon. But to many of his friends, that makes
Fehr, in his words, "a conundrum."
Fehr also is gay.
He pledged his love to his partner, Isaiah, two
years ago with a commitment ceremony.
That cost him his membership in the church he loves. But it didn't
cost him his faith. He continues to attend LDS services, study
scriptures and pray.
"My Mormonism really defines me as much as my sexuality does," Fehr
explains. "Mormonism feels like home to me."
As an excommunicated member, he does not take the sacrament, comment
during lessons or speak when time is allotted for members

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