Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Marriott bans pornography in hotel chain

From Marriott Bans Porn In Hotels, Huffington Post
Marriott Hotels is taking a stand against porn. The hotel chain is aiming to ban all porn entertainment in their new properties that will be opening in the next few years,
according to USA Today.

Not only is in-room porn entertainment not raking in as much money as it used to, it's often difficult to ensure that children are not watching the adult entertainment.

This isn't the first time Marriott has come under fire for its in-room porn policy: Back in 2007, Mitt Romney, a devout Mormon and anti-porn advocate, was criticized for serving on the hotel chain's adult committee (and being unaware of the content the hotel was providing). Romney had stepped down from the board in 2001, after a nearly decade-long tenure.

Earlier in January, Romney once again stepped down from Marriott's board, after rejoining in 2009.

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