Sunday, January 02, 2011

Glenn Beck: Lamanites, Brass Plates and a cover-up of Book of Mormon evidence

I just learned about this August 18th episode of Glenn Beck's show talking about American Indians being descended from Jews, their "proto-Hebrew Bible," and the conspiracy / cover-up of evidence by mainstream scientists, etc...

He promotes a DVD that defends the "Heartland" theory (Great Lakes geography with no non-Book of Mormon populations, opposed by FAIR which embraces a limited geography theory with a large unmentioned population in the America.  FAIR's promoted theory seems to have support by the LDS church).

Excerpts of Glenn Beck's Mormon Infomercial:


... The premise of his August 18th show was this:

"The Native Americans were descended from an ancient civilization that existed on this continent in pre-historic and Biblical times. This civilization, had large cities and a very advanced culture, including a writing system and higher religious thought"

Beck went so far as to say, "The ancient Indians actually had religious writings which were a proto-Hebrew Bible". He also offered the "fact" that the Native Americans were descended from the Jews.

He went on to cite various "scholars", "experts" and "archaeologists" who support this claim.

Not only that, but he mentioned a "shocking DVD", a documentary, that tells us the true story, a story that has been covered up by mainstream science for political reasons. He even gave the web address for the DVD he was talking about. ...

What Beck didn't mention in his show, and what caused me to speak out, was the fact that he presented this as if it were settled scientific fact. He also failed to mention that every single one of his experts, scholars and archaeologists were Mormon apologists.

Rick Stout, the filmmaker that produced the DVD, screens his films at - wait for it - The LDS Film Festival. ....

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