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Today in Church History - Dec 18

-- 1832 Dec. 18
[Oliver Cowdery] Oliver Cowdery married Elizabeth Ann Whitmer, daughter of Peter Whitmer, Sr., in , , MO.

-- 1833 18 December
Joseph Smith Sr. became first patriarch to the Church.

-- 18-Dec 1833
"The Evening and Morning Star" press dedicated and publication resumed until Sep 1834 with Oliver Cowdery managing. Joseph Smith praises Oliver Cowdery at the dedication but says he has "two evils" that he must overcome.

-- about 18 Dec (Wed) 1833
[Joseph Smith] D. P. Hurlbut arrived back in Kirtland and made arrangements to meet with the anti-Mormon "Committe" at the Corning house in Mentor. With or without their permission he scheduled a lecture in the Methodist chapel located a few yeards north of the Temple.

-- December 18, 1833
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith saw Jehovah appear to Adam at Adam-ondi-Ahman.

-- December 18, 1833
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. The elders assembled and Joseph Smith dedicated the printing press. Later he pronounced blessings on his parents and siblings.

-- 1833 18 Dec.
[Joseph Smith]  Joseph Smith offers a blessing-prayer for Book of Mormon witness and "second elder" Oliver Cowdery concerning the "two evils in him that he must needs forsake." This refers to Cowdery's recent transgression of entering into a polygamous or adulterous relationship.

-- 1833, December 18
[Joseph Smith] Joseph Smith Sr. is ordained Patriarch to the Church.

-- 1833 December 18
[Joseph Smith] Joseph Smith Jr., "first elder and first patriarch of the Church" blesses his father, Hyrum, and brothers Samuel, William, and Don Carlos; also Oliver Cowdery, Frederick G. Williams, and Sidney Rigdon. Oliver records the blessings. In his blessing, he and Joseph have fulfilled the biblical Joseph's prophecy that a Seer and his Scribe would be ordained "by the hand of the angel in the bush, unto the lesser priesthood, and after receive the holy priesthood under the hands of those who received it under the hand of the Messiah." Patriarchal blessings, in Authority, 23.
        William Smith
        Everett: Melchizedek Priesthood Restoration

-- 1833 Dec. 18
[Oliver Cowdery] Oliver's brother, Erastus Cowdery, died June 16, 1833 in Youngstown, Trumbull, OH. He was survived by his wife Rebecca and their two daughters. Rebecca Cowdery later lived in Liberty twp., Trumbull, OH. She probably died there c. 1855.

-- 18 Dec (Fri) 1835
[Joseph Smith] Joseph Smith received an apologetic letter from his brother William. No copy of the letter survives other than the printed version, according to its contents, William was unsure of being able to fill the office of an LDS Apostle, but still wished to be a Mormon. [LDS Church History Vol II, pp. 338-339]

-- December 18, 1835
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith received and promptly replied to a letter from his brother William Smith in which William asked forgiveness for his abuse at a debate on December 16.

-- December 18, 1841
[Joseph Smith] Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith sent a statement to James Gordon Bennett of the New York Weekly Herald, expressing gratitude for an unbiased publication concerning the Saints.

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Clair Barrus said...

December 18, 1833 was quite a day.

* Joseph Smith has a vision of Adam at Adam-ondi-Ahman (doesn't he see Adam Blessing his posterity in this vision?)
* Joseph Smith offers patriarchal-style blessings to his family and Book of Mormon witnesses in fulfillment of a biblical prophesy.
* Then, Joseph Smith Sr. becomes the 1st Patriarch of the church
* The Evening and Morning star resume publication with Oliver as it's publisher
* Oliver is chastised for a polygamous(?) relationship, apparently unsanctioned by Joseph Smith. This relationship occurs less than a year after his 1st marriage to Elizabeth Ann Whitmer