Sunday, December 14, 2008

Parowan Prophet predicts disaster

Excerpts from a Los Angeles Times article "In Utah, the Parowan Prophet predicts disaster will prevent Obama from taking office"  By Peter H. King

"I think that you should hear what my opinion about the Obama election is: that he will not be the next president. I said on my home page in August that if he lost to expect to see the 'riots' that 2 Peter 2:13 tells us about. He didn't lose. But the story is not finished yet. I still think they may begin the riots before Christmas 2008, as I said."

These riots, according to his prophecy, will encourage the "old, hard-line Soviet guard" to seize the moment and rain down nukes on the United States, killing at least 100 million of us.

"Prepare now," Freeborn's letter concluded. "We are downwind from Las Vegas. I hope you can survive."

Freeborn, now 66, took "a plural wife," as he put it, and parted ways with the church. He forfeited his wealth, spreading word of his prophecies. He appears to live now mainly on sales of newsletters and survival information packets advertised on his website.

Asked for examples of successful prophecies, he offered O.J. Simpson's murder acquittal and Al Gore's winning of the popular vote in 2000. But his core insight has been a repeated dream of seeing nuclear flashes to the west while shopping at a Wal-Mart during Christmas season.

And this, he warned, appears to be the year.

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Zdefender said...

Leland Freeborn (AKA The Parowan Prophet) unsuccessfully predicted the "end of the world" back in the late 80s... I grew up in his Ward in California in the 70s... he was fairly normal then... had a great family and such. Then... the plane crash. He's been the unsuccessful prophecy game ever since...