Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today in Church History 12/11

--1830 December 11
-15 D&C 36 (Fayette): Edward is called to preach the gospel.

--1830 December 11
Joseph baptizes Edward Partridge in the Seneca River. Whitney's Edward Partridge, 4.

--December 11, 1830
Seneca River, Seneca County, New York. Joseph Smith baptized Edward Partridge, who later became the first bishop of the Church.

--11 Dec (Wed) 1833
Judge Smith in Palmyra certified the signed statement provided to D. P. Hurlbut by Willard Chase (probably written that same day)..

--11-Dec 1841
Joseph Smith marries Prescindia Huntington Buell (31).

--11 Dec 1841
to 27 Jun 1844 Marriage - Joseph to Prescendia Lathrop Huntington, age 31, already married. Elder Dimick B. Huntington officiating PLACE: Smith's Store, Nauvoo, IL SOURCE: record for Joseph Smith Jr.

--December 11, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith sent an affidavit to Thomas Ford, governor of Illinois, reporting conditions surrounding the recent kidnapping of Daniel Avery.

--1845 11 Dec.
Beginning at 1 p.m., members of the Anointed Quorum continue to re-perform the first anointing and the endowment ceremony for previously endowed persons, including Lucy Mack Smith. That evening the Anointed Quorum "formed a circle, offered up the signs, and then offered up prayers for the sick; for our families and that the Lord would frustrate the plans of our enemies. Elder John E. Page being mouth." The only addition to the previous list of participants was Joseph C. Kingsbury (HC, WC-S). This was the last meeting of the Anointed Quorum as Joseph Smith originally established itâ€"a hand-picked group of men and women who comprised 1 percent of faithful adults at church headquarters.

--1890 Dec 11
Plural marriages continue 1890 Dec 11: Anson Bowen Call, married 2nd wife, Harriet Cazier. 1898 Mar 11: married 3rd wife, Dora Pratt. 1903 Jan 12: married 4th wife, Julia Sarah Abegg. He was Bishop of Colonial Dublan for 30 years and Patriarch for 10. His son, Eran, is currently a new GA as of Oct 1997). 262 post-Manifesto plural marriages have been recorded, including among the top leadership of the church.

--1994 11 December
2,000th stake of the Church organized, at Mexico City.

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