Saturday, December 27, 2008

Announcement: Mormon-Church-History

I've been working on a project to develop a chronology that covers the history of the church from the beginning up through the present.  I've gathered a set of chronoligies about church history, and related topics, combining  them into a single larger chronology.  I've used over 70 chronologies, have standardized their format and sorted them by date.  You've seen aspects of this chronology in entries titled "Today in Church History."

The new gospel doctrine lessons of 2009 will cover the Doctrine and Covenants and Church History.  In conjunction with this, I will replace "Today in Church History" with a daily post covering church history starting from the beginning.  Each day will cover the next set of events, and over time cover the entirety of church history up through the present.  I'll post about a dozen events each day.  I suspect it will take two to three years to traverse through the history of the church.

I hope this pace will appeal to those who would like to approach church history in detail, but  just a little bit each day.   And I hope that you will feel free to comment on, pose questions, or otherwise discuss church history at the blog site: or at the google group mirror site: (via email).

Note that Mormon-Chronicles/Issues will be a separate blog/group from Mormon-Church-History.  For those who subscribe to Mormon-Chronicles/Issues via email, I will add you to Mormon-Church-History.  Watch for a welcome message from google groups.  Of course, you're welcome to alter your subscription if you're not interested in a daily dose of church history.

For those who follow Mormon-Chronicles via RSS, please visit to subscribe via RSS.

I hope you enjoy this journey through church history.

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