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Today in Church History 12/05

--1831 December 5
-16 Joseph and Sidney start on a preaching tour to Shalersville, Ravenna, and other places " by which means we did much towards allaying the excited feelings which were growing out of the scandalous letters then being published in the 'Ohio Star,' at Ravenna by the before-mentioned Apostate, Ezra Booth." They return about "the 8th or 10th of January." MH-A, 179
MS 14, no. 8 (Apr. 15, 1852): 115. December 8
Ezra Booth letters #8 and #9 are published: Book of Mormon claims Indians part of House of Israel and New Jerusalem to be built among them. Oliver to preach to them. Text of D&C 28. Joseph's exclusive prerogatives to give written commandments, name successor. Oliver's aspirations, may declare oral revelations, assigned to put down Hiram Page. Kirtland prophetess popular with some, including Sydney; put down by Joseph. Lamanite missionaries visit Sidney, who gets vision confirming Mormonism. He claims many visions, most ignore them. Oliver's reputation tarnished by proposin!
g marriage to two women at the same time. Indians at Sandusky not interested. Went to Missouri but lacked commitment to get and use required documentation. Instead plan is to use storehouse license to visit Indians, also to marry Indian women. Ezra Booth Letters (8-9)

--5 Dec (Thr) 1833|David Srafford provided a signed statement for D. P. Hurlbut at Manchester.

--1833 5 Dec.
Joseph Smith writes that the church is establishing a Democratic newspaper because "the influential men of that party have offered a liberal patronage to us."

--1833 December 5
Joseph writes Edward Partridge to go to court over expulsion but do not sell any land. HC 1:448.

--December 5, 1833
Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith wrote a letter to Bishop Edward Partridge in Liberty, Missouri, concerning the persecution of the Saints there.

--1834 5 Dec.
Joseph Smith ordains Cowdery, as "assistant" president "to assist in presiding over the whole church" ahead of Joseph Smith's first and second counselors. "Associate President" more accurately describes Cowdery's joint control over the church.

--1834 5 December
Oliver Cowdery named assistant president of the Church in Kirtland, Ohio.

--1834 December 5
Joseph, Sidney, Frederick G. Williams, and Oliver Cowdery meet to discuss "the welfare of the Church." Joseph ordains Oliver Assistant President:. Presidents of the High Priesthood
Minutes of December 5, My brother, in the name of Jesus Christ who {died} was crucified for the sins of the world, I lay my hands upon thee, and ordain thee an assistant President of the high and holy priesthood in the Church of the Latter Day Saints Diary-1 in Papers 2:36.

--December 5, 1834
Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith ordained Oliver Cowdery to be an Assistant President of the Church, a position that no longer exists.

--5 Dec (Mon) 1836|The 35th General Assembly of Ohio opened on 5 December 1836. Hyde met with key legislators but could not obtain their support in introducing a bill to obtain a charter for the KSS. [Dale W. Adams; BYU Studies Vol. 23, No. 4, pg. 472.]

--1838 December 5
Governor Boggs presents report on Mormon difficulties to the Missouri House of Representatives. HC 3:217.

--December 5, 1839
Washington, D.C. Joseph Smith sent a letter to his brother Hyrum Smith in Nauvoo, Illinois, reporting his visit with United States president Martin Van Buren.

--December 5, 1841
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith began to proof a new edition of the Book of Mormon prior to its being stereotyped.

--1844 5 Dec.
Young signs a letter as "Prest of the Church of L.D.S."

--1844 December 5
Young signs a letter as "Prest of the Church of L.D.S."

--1847 5 Dec.
After five hours of debate, the Quorum of Twelve votes unanimously to form a new First Presidency composed of apostles Young, Kimball, and Richards. The three are not ordained or set apart.

--Dec 5, 1891
Stake President relates "incident of the Prophet Joseph telling Dimick B Huntington.....that Noah built the Ark in the land where South Carolina is now.

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