Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fireside canceled out of concern for Senator Reid's safety

Excerpts of Political Ranters Need Not Apply by DeNaeby

Now, Senator Reid was invited to speak in our stake... on the subject of "Why I Believe". Invited. Did not lobby for the opportunity.

The entire content of his message - which has been delivered several times in other stakes - was the story of his conversion to Mormonism and his desire to share his love for God and his faith with his family, something he rarely gets to do in public.

As soon as word got out that Senator Reid was speaking in our stake, the e-mails and phone calls began pouring in. Furious complaints about the "political" nature of this presentation. Righteous indignation over the Senator's politics. Messages, threats, that if he were permitted to speak, members of my church would heckle him from the audience. Would load signs into their pickups with the words "Mormons Against Harry Reid" painted on them, and park the trucks outside the chapel.

One man said, "If I see Harry Reid in the temple, I'm going to hit him." Another told our stake president, "Harry Reid is the most evil man on the earth, and you and your counselors are next."

There were even people weighing in from out of state. One woman called from St. George, Utah; my husband took the call, and she gave him a message for our stake president: "You're a wicked man for allowing this to happen."

The outcry was so virulent, they cancelled the fireside. For security reasons. The man was fearful for the safety of his family.

Fearful! Of his fellow Mormons!

One guy e-mailed me and said, quote: I would rather hear from a minion of Satan himself than from Senator Harry Reid.

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Glen said...

Wow, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is alive and fully functioning in these people. This is such a pathetic show of the gospel NOT in action!