Monday, April 05, 2010

Survey: Mormon Culture and Belief"

From "New Survey: Mormon Culture and Belief" from New Cool Thang

Ok, so here is our new survey, which focuses on Mormon culture and beliefs. The triple focus of this survey is to measure faith commitment, church engagement, as well as cultural belief on a variety of topics. The survey is 60 questions in length, and so may take as long as 6 minutes to complete. Some of the questions, due to their connection with obscure doctrine, may seem offensive to you. If this is the case, we apologize in advance.

Our goal is to get 5000 responses to this survey, and we will attempt to share this survey via Facebook, this blog, and email invitations. As soon as we feel the responses are no longer coming in, we will prepare our findings and publish them.

To invite friends to take the survey, just pass them this link via whichever method you prefer:

Thanks for your participation and support.

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