Thursday, March 04, 2010

2010 Restoration Studies / Sunstone Midwest Symposium

2010 Restoration Studies / Sunstone Midwest Symposium will take place on Thursday and Friday, April 8-9, immediately prior to the World Conference of the Community of Christ at the Graceland University, Independence Campus.

The theme of this year's symposium is "Identities & Relationships: Mormonism, Christianity, and the Community of Christ."  Papers/Panels presented:
  • "Who is a Christian? The Perspective of Ecumenical Christianity." -- Don Compier
  • "'Open Thou My Eyes': Joseph Smith's First Vision as an Invitation into Seership" -- Don Bradley
  • "Community of Christ as Emergent/Emerging Church" -- Steve Shields
  • "Hispanic Ministerial and Leadership Formation in the Community of Christ" -- John Glaser
  • "Early Mormonism and Arminianism" -- Seth Bryant
  • "God, Sex, and the Torah: Men, Women, and Homosexuality in a Biblical Context." -- Carol Cease Campbell
  • "Religion and Cultural Antecedents of the Latter Day Restoration" -- George D. Smith
  • "One Lord, One Faith, Many Olive Branches" -- Michael Humiston
  • "How Christian are Mormons?" -- Marcello Jun de Oliveira
  • "...And how Mormon is the Community of Christ?" -- Ron Dawbarn
  • "Mormon Cosmology, Theology and Culture in Contemporary Popular Culture" -- Panelists: Stuart Palmer and others TBA
  • "Studies of Twentieth-century Utah Mormon Sects" -- Panelists: Phil Barlow (chair), Ryan T. Roos, Christopher Blythe, and Christine Magula
  • "Prophetic Discourse in RLDS Patriarchal Blessings" -- Gordon Shepard
  • "The LDS Bible Dictionary, 1979-2009" -- Ryan Combs
  • "The History of the Community of Christ in Continental France" -- Chrystal Vanel
  • "The Mormon Cross Taboo" -- Michael Reed
  • "Pelagian Theology and Joseph Smith's Conceptions of Free Will" -- TBA
  • "Needed: Civil Discourse in Church and Society" -- Bill Russell
  • "Joseph Smith's July 1843 Revelation Known as Section 132 in the LDS Doctrine and Covenants: Two Different Perspectives" -- Panelists: Newell Bringhurst and Craig Foster

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