Tuesday, March 02, 2010

58% of LDS women admit premarital sex

Excerpts of From the Archive: 58% of LDS women admit premarital sex by Peggy Fletcher Stack, The Salt Lake Tribune

Fifty-eight percent of Mormon women admit to having sexual intercourse before marriage. And fewer than 70 percent of Mormon marriages are intact after 10 years - the lowest percentage among whites citing religious affiliation.

These were some of the findings presented by two Brigham Young University sociologists.

Fourteen percent of LDS teens say they have smoked a cigarette in the last month.

"No doubt, dramatic changes in sexual norms have . . . created a generation gap between leaders and the youth," said Tim Heaton, one of the sociologists who analyzed the sexual behavior and marital trends among Mormon women.

"These trends coupled with some reluctance to discuss sexual issues openly could lead to an increasing discrepancy between official codes of conduct and actual behavior."

Mr. Heaton looked at three national studies that examined women's behavior on the issues of sex, marriage and children. He then compared and analyzed Mormon women's behavior with other religious traditions and denominations.

These studies show that while premarital sexual behavior among Mormon women is increasing, it is still below the national norm.

Moreover, the percentage of LDS cohabitation is almost half the national number - 12 percent - and not increasing. Mr. Heaton speculated that this might be because cohabitation is a public flouting of church standards.

Other findings from Mr. Heaton's statistics include:

» The median age of LDS women at the time of marriage is 20.6 years, younger than all other groups except Baptists and fundamentalist Protestants.

» More Mormon women are married than the national average, 69 percent to 52 percent, respectively.

» The median age of first birth was 22, much younger than most other religious groups

» Seven percent of Mormon women give birth before marriage.

The number of LDS marriages intact after 10 years is a significant, said Mr. Heaton. Most people assume the reason is because Mormons marry young or have too high expectations. However, according to Mr. Heaton, those Mormons who marry at an older age - defined as any time after 23 - are much more likely to divorce.

Mr. Heaton speculates that this is because there is a great deal of pressure on "older" Mormon singles to marry and they might not make good choices.

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