Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dobson "pushed" out of Focus on the Family?

Excerpts of  Did Focus On The Family Board Force Dobson Out? by Justin Elliott, TPMMuckraker.  More on James Dobson and the LDS Church
A prominent friend and supporter of James Dobson believes Dobson was pushed aside by the new leadership of Focus on the Family, who want the powerhouse evangelical ministry to project a softer image on issues ranging from abortion to gay marriage to relations with President Obama.

Dobson founded Focus on the Family in 1977 and spent the next 25 years building it into the influential Christian conservative group it is today.

In little-noticed comments from the November show, Dobson seemed troubled by the board's decision to ask him to give up the program.

"[T]the board of directors voted privately on Wednesday -- before we got there -- to ask for my resignation, although their request was made with kindness and respect. We can only guess the reason for their decision because frankly I don't fully know," Dobson said. "But it apparently has to do with the desire for closure on my tenure and the beginning of another."

In a Feb. 6 Wall Street Journal story on the changes at Focus (for which Dobson also declined to comment), [new focus president] Daly said that "he has no use for the sharp personal attacks on politicians employed by Mr. Dobson. 'I don't see evil behind everything.'"

Mr. Daly said he preferred to build bridges with others. While Mr. Dobson blasted President Barack Obama for "fruitcake" ideas, Mr. Daly praised the president for his devotion to family and last summer attended a White House event celebrating fatherhood.

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