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Today in Church History - Dec 29

-- 1832 December 29
This day Brother Calvin Stodard [Stoddard] came forward and gave up his licence to the Bishop and confessed that he had not magnified his office but had transgressed and been out of the way. Kirtland council, 4. (Kenny)

-- 1833 December 29
[Wilford Woodruff] Attends first Mormon meeting (KennyWW)

-- 1833, December 29
[Wilford Woodruff] Hears the restored gospel for the first time at a meeting conducted by two Latter-day Saint missionaries, Elders Zera Pulsipher and Elijah Cheney. (P-RS-Woodruff)

-- 29 Dec (Tue) 1835
Joseph Smith brought formal charges against his brother William, as the first step in bringing William back into the Church. [LDS Church History Vol II, p. 346] (Broadhurst)

-- 1835 December 29
Joseph Smith Sr. gives 15 patriarchal blessings, followed by a sumptuous feast. In the evening, Joseph Jr. delivers a lecture of 3 hours. Later he learns some Presbyterians were present, "and I expect that some of my saying's set like a garment that was well fited, as I expoused their abominations in the language of the scriptures, and I pray God that it may be like a nail in a sure place, driven by the master of assemblies." Diary-2, 92, 93; also 18341836 history, 165-166. (Kenny)

-- 1835 December 29
Orson Johnson charges William Smith with "unchristianlike conduct in speaking disrespectfully of President Joseph Smith Junr. and the revelations & commandments given through him," and "attempting to inflict personal violence on President J. Smith Junr" <.
= Orson Johnson's Charge Against William Smith (Kenny)

-- 29-Dec 1835
Joseph Smith brings charges against William Smith. (Tidd)

-- December 29, 1835
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith preached for three hours to a large crowd at the Kirtland school, some of whom were Presbyterians. (BYU-Studies)

-- December 29, 1842
[Joseph Smith] En route to Springfield, Illinois. Joseph Smith and his company traveled 32 miles in the cold. (BYU-Studies)

-- December 29, 1843
[Joseph Smith] Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith pronounced a blessing on the Nauvoo Police and offered to pay twice the amount of any bribe offered to them for information about the briber. (BYU-Studies)

-- 1843 29 Dec.
[Joseph Smith] At the organization of the Nauvoo police (former Danites), Smith authorizes them to kill "if need be" and says his life is endangered by "a little dough-head" and "a Brutus." (DMQ1)

-- 1846 29 Dec.
[Joseph Smith] Young gives an address in tongues, "then conversed in tongues with Elder Kimball." (DMQ1)

-- 1856 December 29
[Wilford Woodruff] With Orson Hyde and Lorenzo Snow, offers to resign apostleship; Brigham Young declines (KennyWW)

-- Dec 29,1978
[Utah] First Presidency allows women to pray in sacrament meetings again, rescind earlier ban from 07 11, 1967 (DMQ2)

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