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Today in Church History - Dec 22

-- Monday, December 22, 1828
[Book of Mormon Translation] Manchester, O Cowdery, no school Christmas week.

-- 1834 December 22
Heber C. Kimball

-- 1834 December 22
Heber C. Kimball starts attending a six-week grammar school taught by Sidney and William E. McLellin .

-- 1834 December 22
The Twelve § and the Seventy § are organized; Joseph obtains Egyptian mummies and scrolls §; the first Doctrine and Covenants is published §; pay for church leaders is formalized §; war department is organized §; Joseph relates the First Vision to a visitor §, begins marrying couples contrary to state law §. Joseph's conflicts with Orson Hyde §, Almon Babbit §, and William Smith §.

-- 1834 December 22
William was reproved for complaining about Sidney to his wife. Minutes of September 26, Kirtland 1834

-- 22-Dec 1834
Grammar School opened; Sidney Rigdon and William E. McLellin teachers.

-- 1835 December 22
my scribe also is unwell O my God heal him and for his kindness to me O my Soul be thou greatful to him and bless him and he Shall be blessed {of for ever} of God forever I believe him to be a faithful friend to me therefore my Soul delighteth in him Amen / Joseph Smith Jr Diary-2, 88.

-- December 22, 1836
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith held a conference of the Church in the Kirtland Temple.

-- 22 Dec (Fri) 1837
Armed dissenters seized the Kirtland Temple. Apostle Brigham Young left Kirtland on account of the LDS reformers, who reportedly threatened to kill him because publicly supported Joseph Smith as a prophet.

-- 22-Dec 1837
Brigham Young flees Kirtland in consequence of the fury of the mob against him for supporting Joseph Smith [per Brigham Young].

-- After 22-Dec 1837
Brigham Young meets Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, and George W. Robinson (in Dublin, Indiana), who also fled Kirtland because of the mobocratic spirit prevailing. Joseph Smith told Brigham Young that he was destitute and ask him for counsel. Brigham Young has member Tomlison sell his farm. Tomilson does for $500 and $250 in goods. Tomilson gives $300 to Smith [per Brigham Young].

-- 1837 22 Dec.
[Joseph Smith] Armed dissenters seized the Kirtland Temple and forced Apostle Brigham Young to flee for his life. Young had been acting as self-appointed bodyguard for Joseph Smith.

-- December 22, 1841
[Joseph Smith] Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith received the first supply of groceries for his store in 13 wagonloads that had been detained in St. Louis, Missouri.

-- 1844 22 Dec.
[Anointed Quorum] Sunday prayer circle meeting; first ordinance meeting of Anointed Quorum ("the first quorum") under the Twelve's leadership. Ruth Moon (Clayton), Sarah M. Bates (Pratt, Bennett, Pratt), and Mary A. Frost (Stearns Pratt) were voted in as members of the quorum but not actually endowed. Mary L. Tanner (Lyman) received her anointing and endowment (WC-S, DMQ).

-- 1844 22 Dec.
[Joseph Smith] Young reconvenes the Quorum of the Anointed which begins initiating new members into the endowment ceremony.

-- 1856 December 22
[Wilford Woodruff] With Orson Hyde, Lorenzo Snow, and Franklin D. Richards, urges first seven presidents of Seventy to resign

-- 1857 December 22
[Utah War] Pres. Buchanan presented his nomination to the Senate for Alfred Cumming to be governor of Utah Territory which was approved Jan. 18, 1858. Cumming had been appointed Governor July 11, 1857, took oath of office July 27 and had been representing himself as Governor. (Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate 10:275, 294)

/Mormon Church History Chronology/

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