Sunday, December 21, 2008

Today in Church History - Dec 21

-- about December 21, 1830
[Joseph Smith] Fayette, New York. Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon received Doctrine & Covenants 37, a revelation calling the Saints to gather in Ohio.

-- 1833 December 21
Joseph files a complaint against Doctor P. Hurlbut for threatening to kill him. Papers 2:19n1.

-- 21 Dec (Sat) 1839
Smith arrives in Philadelphia by train from Washington, D.C. Parley P. Pratt also arrives in Philadelphia, having traveled there from NYC. Pratt remains in Philadelphia until Jan 1st.

-- December 21, 1839
[Joseph Smith] Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Joseph Smith arrived in Philadelphia by railway and spent several days preaching and visiting from house to house, among the brethren and others.

-- 1843 21 Dec.
[Joseph Smith] Nauvoo's elected officers petition Congress to give territorial status to the city and to authorize Joseph Smith to call on federal troops to defend the Territory of Nauvoo.

-- 1845 21 Dec.
[Joseph Smith] Kimball and Taylor tell a temple audience about Joseph Smith's order in June 1844 to destroy the endowment garment and acknowledge that he died without his. George A. Smith tells the congregation: "We are now different from what we were before we entered into this quorum [of the anointed]Speedy vengeance will now overtake the transgressor."

-- 1846 21 Dec.
[Joseph Smith] Young performs marriage sealing "by permission, not according to law, as the sealing ordinances were stopped," then officially resumes performing sealings on 24 Jan. 1847.

/Mormon Church History Chronology/

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