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Today in Church History 12/07

--1830 December 7
-11 D&C 35 (Fayette): Sidney, like John, prepared the way for the return of Jesus and Elijah. Baptized unto repentance. Now Holy Ghost. Signs follow believers. Lord will "let fall the sword in their behalf." Joseph has the keys of the mysteries. If he fails, he will be replaced. Sidney to be Joseph's scribe. Lord comes soon.

--1830 December 7
Mr. Oliver Cowdery has his commission directly from the God of heaven, and that he has his credentials, written and signed by the hand of Jesus Christ, with whom he has personally conversed, and as such, said Cowdry claims that he and his associates are the only persons on earth who are qualified to administer in his name. By this authority, they proclaim to the world, that all who do not believe their testimony, and be baptized by them must be forever miserable. "The Book of Mormon," PT, Dec. 7, 1830.

--1830 December 7
Sidney begins writing on manuscript page 15. JS revelations, 96n96.

--1837 7 Dec.
Bishop Edward Partridge and counselors officially define tithing as 2 percent of the net worth of each Mormon after deducting debts. An 1838 revelation would define tithing as a donation of all surplus property at conversion and a tenth of annual income thereafter. By 1843 the initial donation would be reduced to one-tenth of net worth.

--1837 December 7
Bishop Edward Partridge and his counselors submit to the high council a plan to raise funds for the church based on an annual contribution of 2% of a man's net worth. Minutes of December 7, 1837

--December 7, 1837
Far West, Missouri. Joseph Smith presided over a two-day conference of the Church in Far West.

--December 7, 1839
Washington, D.C. Joseph Smith consulted with the Illinois delegation about how to get the Church’s petition for redress brought before Congress.

--December 7, 1841
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith wrote a letter to Esquires Browning and Bushnell.

--1845 7 Dec.
The first Sunday prayer circle in the temple in which women participated, and the first time in months that Brigham Young allowed women to join in a prayer circle. Anointed Quorum (including women) met for the first time in the Nauvoo temple to pray, including: Brigham Young, Mary Ann Angel Young, Heber C. Kimball, Vilate Murray Kimball, Orson Hyde, Marinda Nancy Johnson Hyde, Parley P. Pratt, Mary Ann Frost Pratt, John Taylor, Leonora Cannon Taylor, George A. Smith, Bathsheba W. Biglet Smith, Willard Richards, John Smith, Clarissa Lyman Smith, Alpheus Cutler, Louis Lathrop Cutler, Reynolds Cahoon, Thirza Stiles Cahoon, Newel K. Whitney, Elizabeth Ann Smith Whitney, Cornelius P. Lott, Permelia Darrow Lott, Isaac Morley, Lucy Gunn Morley, Orson Spencer, Catharine Curtis Spencer, William Clayton, Agnes Coolbrith Smith, George Miller, Catharine Fry Miller, Joseph Young, Mercy R. Fielding Thompson, Levi Richards, Mary Fielding Smith, Joseph Fielding, William W. Phelps, Sally

Waterman Phelps, Joseph C. Kingsbury, Lucien Woodworth, Phebe Watrous Woodworth, and John M. Bernhisel. Heber C. Kimball listed the following as those who had not received the second anointing: Lucien Woodworth, Phebe Woodworth, Mercy R. Fielding Thompson (Smith), William Clayton, John M. Bernhisel, Marinda Nancy Hyde, Agnes C. Smith, and Joseph C. Kingsbury (whose journal claimed that all members of the Anointed Quorum received it during Joseph Smith's life). Orson and Catharine Spencer, Joseph Fielding, Levi Richards (who were present) must therefore have received it at some previous but unrecorded date. The list also suggests that Orson Hyde (who received his second anointing during Smith's lifetime) did so with another woman (possibly deceased) rather than his first and legal wife Marinda, who was Joseph Smith's plural wife (HCK, DMQ). HC mentions only "the Twelve and others," without any reference to the female participants.

--Dec 7,1893
First Presidency and Twelve decide that garments worn under clothing should be white. This is first departure of Utah temple garment from contemporary "Union Suit" which comes in various colors and upon which Utah "street garment" is based.

--1907 7 December
Charles W. Nibley became presiding bishop and began implementing several financial changes, including a shift to an all-cash policy in collecting tithing.

--1941 7 December
Attack on Pearl Harbor brought United States into World War II.

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