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Today in Church History 12/13

--13 Dec (Fri) 1833
Durfey Chase certified the "integrity, truth and veracity" of Peter Ingersoll for D. P. Hurlbut at Palmyra. This was the lasted dated document obtained by Hurlbut before he departed for Ohio.

--13 Dec (Fri) 1833
Judge Smith of Palmyra certified the statement of David Stafford for D. P. Hurlbut.

--13 Dec (Fri) 1833
The Painesville Telegraph printed its "Painful Intelligence" article, telling more of the hostilities in Missouri, the whipping there of Mormon elders, etc. In an aside perhaps directed to Geauga county anti-Mormons, editor E. D. Howe said: "We fear that the party opposed to the Mormons will think themselves... enabled to cut off the offending sect." Despite his known anti-Mormon sentiments, Howe at this time became very cautious in publishing news and articles containing rhetoric directed against the LDS Church. Probably he was hoping to avoid inflaming what he saw as a potential replay of the Missouri hostilities there in his own Geauga county. Howe monitored the progress of the anti-Mormon's activities but he apparently was not a member of the self-styled "Committee" that met on occasion at the Corning house in Mentor.

--1835 13 Dec.
Joseph Smith writes that he "sealed" a matrimonial ceremony "in the name of God." This conventional use of the word "seal" would gain specialized meaning in Mormonism seven years later.

--1835 December 13
At home, Joseph orders his horse saddled and he and his scribe (Warren Parrish), ride to E. Jennings, "where I joined Eb[e]nezer Robinson and Angeline Works, in matrimony, according to previous arangements." Angeline, recovering from an illness, is able to sit up in her easy chair during the ceremony.

--1835 December 13
Diary-2, 66

--1835 December 13
Elder [Martin?] Harris also returned this morning from Palmyra N. York also Sister Harriet How[e] called to pay us a visit … Samuel Brannan came to my house, much afflicted with a swelling on his left arm, which was occasioned by a bruise on his elbow, we had been called to pray for him and anoint him with oil, but his faith was not sufficient to effect a cure, and my wife prepared a poultice of herbs and applyed to it and he tarryed with me over night

--1835 December 13
Harriet: sister of Eber D. Howe, editor of PT

--1835 December 13
Joseph and Warren then ride to Mr. McWithey's, about 3 miles from town, where Joseph is to "solemnize the matrimonial covenant" between Mr. E. Webb and Miss E. A. McWithy. A large crowd is present, Joseph speaks 40 minutes and "all seemed to be interested, except one or two individuals, who manifested, a Spirit of groveling contempt, which I was constrained to reprove and rebuke sharply." After closing, he "Sealed the matrim-[66]onial cerimony in the name of God, and pronounced the blessings of heaven. upon the heads of the young married couple we then closed by returning thanks." A "sumptuous feast" ensues. Joseph "can only say the that the interview was conducted with propriety and decorum, and our hearts were made to rejoice." Ebenezer Webb, Eliza A. McWithy

--1835 December 13
Joseph attends church services at the usual time, 10 a.m., in the school house on the flats. Jesse Hitchcock preaches "a verry feeling discourse" in the afternoon. Peter Whitmer and Frederick G. Williams speak of "many things [in] connection with the rise and progress of this church, which were interesting, and the Saints, listened with much attention, after these serv[ic]es closed, the sacrament of the Lords Supper was administered, under the superintendance of President D. Whitmer, who presided over the meeting during the day." Joseph then comments on [65] prayer meetings, and the meeting is closed "by invoking the blessings of heaven." Diary-2, 64-66.

--December 13, 1835
Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith officiated in the marriages of Ebenezer Robinson to Angeline Works and Edwin Webb to Eliza Ann McWhithy.

--13-Dec 1836
Willard Richards (Brigham Young's cousin) baptized.

--1838 December 13
Brigham Young presides over high council meeting. Brethren share testimonies, express confidence in the faith. Four vacancies filled. HC 3:224-226.

--December 13, 1841
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith appointed Willard Richards as the recorder for the Nauvoo Temple and as his personal scribe.

--1845 13 Dec.
Young adds Peter, James, and John to the cast of the acted portion of the endowment ceremony.

--1846 13 Dec.
"When a man is found to be a thief," Young tells bishops, "he will be a thief no longer, cut his throat, & thro' him in the River."

--December 13, 2000
Decided: Elkhart vs. Brooks

The 7th Circuit Court ruled that a Fraternal Order of Eagles Ten Commandments monument at an Indian city hall was unconstitutional.

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