Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today in Church History - Dec 16

--1833 16 Dec.
Joseph Smith announces a revelation that "it is not right that any man should be in bondage one to another." This guarantees five more years of conflict between Mormon settlers and their neighbors in various counties of Missouri.

--1833 December 16
D&C 101 (Kirtland): The Lord's sword will fall in behalf of his people. The people are not to sell their property in Jackson.

--16-Dec 1833
Joseph Smith reveals revelation to attack enemies.

--December 16, 1833
[Joseph Smith] Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith received Doctrine & Covenants 101, a revelation concerning the Saints’ afflictions in Jackson and Van Buren Counties in Missouri.

--16 Dec (Wed) 1835
At about this time, Orson Hyde (who had been disfellowshipped on Aug. 4) was fully reconciled with Joseph Smith. [LDS Church History Vol II, p. 337]

--16 Dec (Wed) 1835
William Smith resumed his semi-public debate with Joseph Smith, Jr. at their parents' home in Kirtland. Following its conclusion, William wished to carry on the controversy It seems that Joseph did not wish to continue the debate and was seriously beaten by William Smith -- so much so that he was "unwell" the next day. It was probably at this time that William threatened to expose the true origin of the Book of Mormon. [LDS Church History Vol II, pp. 334-335; cf. Frost statement]

--1835 December 16
Elder McLellin Elder B. Young and Elder J. Carter called and paid me a visit, with which I was much gratified. I exibited and explaind the Egyptian Records to them, and explained many things to them concerning the dealings of God with the ancients and the formation of the planetary system, they seemed much pleased with the interview. Diary-2, 69.

Original: McLellen

Joseph attends the debating school at William Smith's and apparently counsels the debates should end "fearing that it would not result in good." William insists on continuing and becomes "enraged" and "used violence upon my person," Jared Carter, and others >. Debating School Incident, 1835-1836

--1838 December 16
Joseph writes letter of encouragement to the church, condemning apostates and turncoats, denying charges leveled against him, and admonishing the Saints to remain steadfast and faithful. HC 3:226-233.

--December 16, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Liberty, Missouri. Joseph Smith wrote a letter of comfort to the Saints from Liberty Jail.

--16 Dec (Wed) 1840
The Illinois Legislature granted charters for the City of Nauvoo, the Nauvoo Legion, and the University of the City of Nauvoo.

--1840 16 Dec.
The governor of Illinois signs the Nauvoo charter which Joseph Smith uses to make the Mormon capital an independent theocracy. Abraham Lincoln votes for the charter, even though Nauvoo's Mormons had voted as a bloc against him in the previous election.

--1840 16 December
Nauvoo Charter signed by Illinois governor Thomas Carlin.

--16-Dec 1840
Illinois grants charter for City of Nauvoo, the Nauvoo Legion, and University of the City of Nauvoo.

--December 16, 1840
[Joseph Smith] Nauvoo, Illinois. The city of Nauvoo was granted its charter from the state of Illinois, making it an official city with various government rights and protections.

--1843 16 Dec.
The Nauvoo City Council hears Joseph Smith say: "I prophecy by virtue of the Holy Priesthood vested in me [and] in the name of Jesus Christ that if Congress will not hear our petition and grant us protection they shall be broken up as a government and God shall damn them. There shall nothing be left of them, not even a grease spot." Congress ignores the petition.

--December 16, 1843
[Joseph Smith] Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith signed a “Memorial to Congress for redress of losses and grievances in Missouri” and prophesied that if Congress would not hear the petition, the administration in power would be broken up.

/Mormon Church History Chronology/

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