Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wilford Woodruff's 1835 reflections

I Have been looking at Wilford Woodruff's journals, and have found his occasional philosophizing to be quite interesting.  I wrote up a brief introduction of his life to 1835,  followed by two summaries of his views at the time.  See Wilford Woodruff's 1835 view of life, examiner,com, an excerpt below:
Wilford Woodruff ... kept an extensive journal, and at times, summarized his philosophical and religious views.  Below are the first two such summations, one in mid-1835 and the second at the end of 1835..
... I Consecrated & Dedicated Myself, Properties, and Effects unto the Lord befor the Bishop in Zion on the 31st Dec 1834 A coppy of which is in the fore part of this Journal. This that I may be A lawful heir to the Celestial Kingdom of GOD. ...
... The Sable shades of night have allready spake the departure of 1835 And the Queen of the night is issueing forth her brilliant light to wellcome the dawn of 1836 Which approaches us in a calm to go out in a storm. O momentious & important year which Will hurl thy millions to the tomb & shake Kingdoms & bespeak A God in Israel. O God enable my heart & hands to be clean for A year to come. When God speaks Who can but Prophecy?

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