Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Salt Lake Tribune explains their coverage of Elder Packer

The Salt Lake Tribune, coming under fire from critics from both sides of the issue surrounding Elder Packer's remarks, has issued a rare statement of clarification, explaining the importance of giving voice and coverage to both sides of the issue, especially as Salt Lake's only major independent newspaper.  Excerpts of Tribune reports LDS remarks on gays so you can decide by Lisa Carricaburu, The Salt Lake Tribune
[Tribune reporter Peggy Fletcher] Stack, emphasizes that she did not listen to Packer's talk intending only to extract remarks that would evoke controversy, as some of you alleged. Rather, she recognized his conference speech and those of other general authorities as what they are to LDS faithful: a twice yearly opportunity for leaders to interpret doctrine and offer guidance on issues of the day.
Stack did what good journalists do: She listened carefully and relied on her own expertise and interviewed other experts to provide context and perspective to help readers understand the significance of Packer's remarks. In her story and a follow-up Tuesday, she asked Mormons and the church itself to react. Her assessment of Packer's comments as significant to LDS faithful was apt . His words inflamed passions that go to fundamental beliefs on both sides of the gay-rights debate — for Mormons and non-Mormons alike.
Read the entire article here.


Bjorge Queen said...

If only the SL Trib hadn't covered it. I'm sure that's why Packer is under so much fire now.
When will certain people stop playing the victim and start taking responsibility for their actions?

Anonymous said...

I grew concerned about it as I was watching conference on TV -- before hearing any reporting at all.

My theory is that this topic has been simmering in people's subconscious since Prop8 -- and unleashed pent up feelings (both defensive and critical).