Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Times and Seasons 2009 Mormon of the Year: Harry Reid

Excerpts of Times and Seasons 2009 Mormon of the Year: Harry Reid By Kent Larsen


During 2009, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was the most visible and influential Mormon politician in the world, shepherding Democratic legislative proposals through the U.S. Senate after the party's victories in the 2008 elections, including a landmark health care bill that represents one of the more controversial pieces of legislation to pass through the Senate in recent memory. Reid's off-the-cuff style has also led occasionally to unscripted remarks that have attracted a lot of attention.

While Reid's faith is not always discussed as much as that of other Mormon politicians, he remains an active member of his ward. In recent years he has helped the Church on some crucial issues, including helping to broker a compromise over Martin's Cove. Reid spoke openly about his faith in a 2007 address at Brigham Young University and touched on his conversion and beliefs in his recently published memoir. A fixture in Nevada politics who has dedicated his life to public service for decades, Reid has long advocated that one can consistently be both a Democrat and a Mormon.

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