Friday, January 22, 2010

Mormon Stories 2.0

Excerpts of Mormon Stories 2.0 – And How You Can Help  by johndehlin at MormonMatters
Mormon Stories is an audio podcast interview series where I interview Mormons of all types — from Richard Bushman to Grant Palmer — and give them a chance to tell their stories.  The full archive of my past interviews can be found here.

The focus for the forseeable future will be on the following things:

  • Mormon Culture: Interviewing interesting people from within Mormon culture, including artists, writers, film makers, bloggers, politicians, athletes, professionals, activists, etc.
  • Faith Strugglers: Helping to build awareness and empathy for, and provide LDS church members who are currently struggling with their traditional, literalistic LDS faith/testimony, including those who have either gone inactive or have left the church.  The goal here would be NOT to encourage people to either leave or stay in the church, but instead to provide role models across the faith spectrum (Apologetic, StayLDS, New Order Mormon, ExMo, PostMo, etc.) to support them in making their own decisions about how to best navigate their faith journey.
  • Mixed-Faith LDS Marriages: Provide support to LDS marriages wherein one or both within the couple have lost their traditional, literalistic LDS faith.  The goal here would be to reduce the number of Mormon-related divorces by providing role models, tips and tricks to help couples get on the same page faith-wise (where possible), and  to support them in their transition/renegotiation in a way that preserves and even strengthens the marriage.  We also hope to focus some on raising children within a mixed faith or non-traditional LDS paradigm/belief structure.
  • Mormon Mental Health: Because of my interest in Psychology, I plan to do a deep dive into Mormon-related mental health issues including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, abuse, sexual addiction/pornography and addiction.

Podcast info and Further details here

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