Monday, January 18, 2010

Expanded biography of Spencer W. Kimball published

Excerpts of Biography of Mormon prophet
An expanded biography of LDS Church president Spencer W. Kimball has just been published. Disagreements between the author and the publisher had resulted in a compromise in an earlier version, with some content edited out.

But now, in an agreement between author the prophet's son and author Edward Kimball,  church-owned Deseret Book and Benchmark Books, the complete "working draft" has been published in book format. 

Lengthen Your Stride focused on the twelve years that Spencer W. Kimball served as president of the LDS Church.

In the preface, the publisher declared:

The publisher and the biographer do not agree on the interpretations or weight of importance given to a number of events, or the choices of characterization of some of the people. The author and the publisher have had open and energetic discussions on these issues, and there has been some give and take in the editorial process. The resulting book reflects a compromise between the two points of view.

Edward explains that in his biographical writing "I have tried to always deal with sensitive issues cautiously but candidly," wanting the reader to "receive a fair telling of the full story, rather than a sanitized version from which the humanness has been leached."

Edward Kimball will speak about the book Wednesday, January 20, at 6:00 PM, and will answer questions and sign books.  Benchmark Books is located at 3269 South Main Street, Salt Lake (801) 486-3111.

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