Thursday, January 07, 2010

Rough beginnings of "Mormon Doctrine"

This Sunday, adult Mormons will begin using an updated "Gospel Principles" manual, which has been revised, removing references to the book Mormon Doctrine by Bruce R. McConkie.

Fifty years ago today in Mormon Church history, on Jan. 7, 1960 top church leaders met to discuss the findings of a yearlong investigation into the content and production of Mormon Doctrine

President of the church David O McKay and his counselors met with Mormon apostles Mark E. Peterson and Marion G. Romney who led the investigation.  President McKay's office journal noted:

They submitted their report upon their examination of the book "Mormon Doctrine" by Elder Bruce McConkie.  These brethren reported that the manuscript of the book "Mormon Doctrine" had not been read by the reading committee, that President [of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and father-in-law of Bruce R. McConkie] Joseph Fielding Smith did not know anything about it until it was published."

The committee had taken issue with much of the content of the book and carefully classified problems into four major categories:  Statements that offended other religions and "evolutionists"; over-use of terms such as "apostate" in a "discourteous" manner; controversial doctrines; and "miscellaneous interpretations."  Each category was divided into sub-categories backed up with exhibits.

Three years earlier the First Presidency had stopped the publication Elder McConkie's book "Sound Doctrine" but were unaware he was working on another book.  Elder McConkie was a member of the Council of the Seventy at this time, the 3rd highest quorum of the church.

On the 27th, President McKay met with Apostle Joseph Fielding Smith regarding his son-in law. .....

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