Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Harper Collins Study Bible

I see that Harper Collins has released an updated version of their
study bible.  I've used the old Harper Collins Study bible for over 10
years and have been extremely happy with it.  I spent quite a bit of
time searching for the best bible I could find.  Harper Collins won
out - even over the Oxford Annotated Study bible, which I tried out
for a while.  The best feature, in my opinion, is  the notes.  They
are packed with an amazing amount of information - that it makes the
text come alive - and provides amazing in-sites to the text, language
and times.

It appears that the new version is just as good as the old, if not
better.  I highly recommend the Harper Collins Study Bible.  Here are
some reviews:

and here is a description from the publisher

The HarperCollins Study Bible has become the standard general
reference for understanding the full meaning of this sacred book. This
classic study Bible has now been completely revised and updated under
the aegis of the Society of Biblical Literature—the preeminent
academic association of the world's best biblical scholars.

Key features of this in-depth reference Bible include:

    * The New Revised Standard Version, the most accurate English
Bible translation
    * Newly commissioned introductory essays on the archaeology and
religion of ancient Israel and the New Testament world, the social and
historical context of the biblical books, and biblical interpretation
    * Essays by leading experts in the field on how the Bible was
formed, based on the latest scholarship
    * Completely new introductions and notes for select biblical
books, plus a full revision and updating of all others—over 25 percent
new or revised material
    * Twice as many notes as the leading study Bible
    * Extensive maps, tables, and charts

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