Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mountain Meadows Movie

"Jon Voight, Dean Cain and Terence Stamp are set to upset Mormons across
America by revisiting the religion's darkest day in a controversial new

September Dawn recalls the Mountain Meadows Massacre in 1857, when a
group of Mormons, disguised as Paiute Indians, slaughtered all but 17
small children on a wagon train on its way to California.

One man, the adopted son of Mormon leader Brigham Young, was eventually
executed for the crime - 20 years later.

The film, which will hit cinemas in May (07), is deemed controversial
because it presents a point of view held strongly by hundreds of direct
descendants of the massacre: that the iconic Brigham Young had
complicity in the massacre, a view denied by the Mormon Church, even today.

Voight will play a Mormon leader and Stamp will portray Brigham Young in
the movie, which also features Lolita Davidovich and Jon Gries, who
revived his career by starring in Mormon writer/director Jared Hess'
breakthrough comedy Napoleon Dynamite."

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