Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wilford Woodruff's 1849 reflections

... A remarkable Chapter in the History of the world. Perhaps no single year has embraced a greater number of important events or involved so great & lasting consequences in such a variety of relations.

...  thou art the man who dare commit the blackest deeds of the Earth ...  Have deprived them of the rights of citizenship, burned their goods & dwellings, taken some of them prisioners held mock trials over them by a mob Jury who were their Jury by Day & guard by night who would pour whiskey down each others throats And then God Dam God, And Jesus Christ the Holy Ghost, And evry religious sect they could think of & close their songs with the words God Dam the God Dam Mormons.

Then would imprision the saints in Chains And feed them on Human flesh And finally murdered many of the Saints with the Prophets whom God hath sent unto them to Call them to Repentance. ...

One glance at the signs of 1849 in the United States will show that the Lord has commenced to fulfill his promise And He will not scease untill it is finished. There has never been A year since the esstablishment of the United States Government when there has been so great a loss of property & life by fire & Pestilence, or such an increase of mobs or confusion and Perplexity in the Government as in 1849.

... The desolution of the American Union also seems to be fast ripening during the past year. The slavery question seems to be the great hinge upon which the Nation will split.  ...  And if the war spirit now visible in the midst of congress continues to increase It is quite probable that the Union may be dissolved before the close of this session, Although many Editors of the public Journals have ridiculed for several years the Idea of the Dividing of the American Union. But this year they feel vary serious upon the subject And all the signs of the times in this government indicate that the hand writing upon the wall is begining to be visibly seen concerning the fate of this Nation.

When we turn our eyes towards Zion during the year 1849 we can behold the hand of the Lord also visible in her behalf. ...  she has finally found a resting place in the rich valleys of Ephraim in the great Bason between the High Mountains & Everlasting Hills of North America. And during the year 1849 she has organized herself unto an Indipendant sovreign State And appointed her Governor & Nobles of themselves.  ...  she has prospered more than during any year since her organization. She is rapidly building up a city in peace, has good crops universal Health, has made Arangements to lay of three New cities. ...

The Church during this years has laid the foundation for a fund called the perpetual fund the object of which is to gather unto Zion all the poor saints who Cannot gather themselves from Council Bluffs, the United States And from all the world, expecting it to increase yearly untill all Israel is gatherd. This fund is esstablished by voluntary contributions of the saints. $5,500 was collected in the valley in this way in one month And Bishop Edward Hunter was sent to Council Bluffs with the money to buy oxen to take up the poor from there to the valley the Coming spring.

... So evry thing is prospering in the Church & kingdom of God And All the signs of the Times bespeak the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What 1850 will bring to pass time must determine but it is certain it will be full of the Events of the times. The History of Each year is important now. Plagues, war, fire & Pestilence & famine will lay many low in death. Who will live?

I am expecting to start in April to lead A Company to the Bluffs [Council Bluffs] & on to the valley.

... May the Lamanites soon blossom like the rose. May the Zion of God who has risen And gone up into the mountains be Clothed upon with wrighteous-ness and the power of God. May the Church become prepared like a bride prepared for the Coming of the Bridegroom. And may the People not ownly have cause to rejoice in the Holy One of Israel during the AD 1850 But through all time And All Eternity.

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