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Wilford Woodruff's 1848 reflections

Wilford Woodruff's 1848 reflections

... A year which has lade the foundation for the fulfillment of more Prophesy & Revelation than has been fulfilled

...While these things are going on the Jews are gathering home to rebuild Jerrusalem. Some 7,000 Latter Day Saints have gatherd into the valley of the Mountains of Israel by the Great Salt Lake. And the Saints of the valley of the Sacramento have discoverd vast quantites of Gold, silver, Coper Iron & other mettels the report of which has spread like Electricity through the world which is causing tens of thousands of the world to flock to that place.

... let us turn our eyes for A moment to the Position of Blood Stained America, A Nation though Blessed Above All other Nations under Heaven yet she has of late been guilty of sheding the Blood of Apostles Prophets Patriarchs And Saints. She has suffered mob rule to take the place of Constitution law & order. ...

... the servent of God filled with inspiration, can behold the seene in its true light And knows well the result, with As much certainty As Noah, Lot, And Jesus, did each in their day while gazing upon the conduct of the Antedeluvians, Sodom & Gomorrow, or the inhabitants of Jerrusalem. And As the words of the Lord were fulfilled in the former case in like manner will they in the latter.

...The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has been organized with A first Presidency of three ... who have gatherd to the mountains of Israel in the valley of the Great Salt Lake. Took with them about 3,000 souls &

...The Saints who were located near the Bay of San Francisco have found A vast amount of welth in mines such As Dimonds, Gold, Silver, quick silver, platina, copper, lead tin, zink Iron &c. These things have been found to such an extent that it is creating great excitement throughout the world esspecially in the United States And tens of thousands Are flocking to that land.

Crime of Evry kind has Apparently increased 100 per ct throughout the United States And the cup of their iniquity is full And the hour of their Judgment is come. Calamity sorrow & Death has recieved its commission to visit this land.

And the spirit whispers to me that eighteen hundred & forty nine will lay waste many thousands of the inhabitants of the Earth Esspecilly of this land by Cholera fire plage And Judgments.

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