Sunday, November 28, 2010

Community of Christ joins the National Council of Churches

Excerpts of Community of Christ Sets Conditions for Membership and Joins NCC By: FireTag at Wheat and Tares
During the first 10 days of November, the Community of Christ made two historic transitions that profoundly alter its relationship with both Mormonism and Protestantism. First, the church issued new guidance entitled "Baptism, Confirmation, and Church Membership".
Then, a few days later. the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA  — accepted the application of the Community of Christ to become its 37th denominational member. The NCC is probably the premier echumenical institution of the Christian left in the United States.
Guidance was issued by the CofChrist's Prophet:
"...On several occasions the Spirit impressed on me that the church should not unnecessarily 'hinder' those who had experienced the power of baptism through the grace and authority of Jesus Christ from responding to the Spirit guiding them to membership.
The NCC report, published here, makes clear that the NCC is letting the CofChrist join because they believe the CofChrist is sufficiently far from its historical Restoration roots.
Specifically, the report states that the founder of the Community of Christ was Joseph Smith III, not — you know — that other Joseph Smith.

Another area of concern to the NCC was the Book of Mormon. Here, their opinion may be disturbingly factual:
"But it is not, in any sense, equivalent to the Bible in the life of their communion. Subscription to its teaching is not required for membership or ordination. While the Book of Mormon is sometimes used for worship, there are parts of the COC that seldom refer to it."
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